How Webinar Works

Did you receive an email invitation to take part in an online course but the email talks about Webinar and is it Arabic for you? There is no shame because we are faced with new tools that have had a sudden surge in the last few years and it is normal not to know them. In this article I will show you how Webinar works and above all what we are talking about, all trying to be as concise and simple as possible!


  • How Webinar Works
    • Popular Webinar Platforms

How Webinar Works

Let’s start immediately to see how Webinar works by explaining what it is; the term webinar is a play on words between web and seminar and gives a good idea. A Webinar is nothing more than a course or session held in the form of a video conference. So participation in Webinar seminars takes place remotely via a computer or smartphone. So the Webinar platform is nothing particularly complicated or different from the video conferencing platforms we are used to. The course organizer coordinates the seminar and also acts as a speaker (or teacher in the case of a course) but all participants can interact both verbally and through the chat with which you can comfortably ask questions to the teacher without interrupting the lesson.

Now you will surely understand how Webinar works, you can participate in a seminar through a program or even via the web depending on the Webinar platform used. Normally you receive an invitation to participate in a seminar via email with the link to the course inside.

Popular Webinar Platforms

Now all that remains is to see which are the most popular Webinar platforms; these are mostly free platforms to participate in seminars but paid platforms for organizing new ones. for some webinars, a participation fee may be requested to be paid online directly from the platform used.

One of the widely used Webinar platforms is GoToWebinar ; it is a paid platform for organizing seminars. This platform boasts approximately 2.7 million seminars held annually. This platform is available for PC and Mac but also for iOS and Android devices.

Another popular webinar platform is WebinarNinja which allows you to create both free and paid seminars. Demio is perhaps the Webinar platform with more functions that allows you to analyze seminars, exchange private messages between participants and so on.

ClickMeeting is another paid platform to hold webinars very used very similar to the previous ones that allows you to record lessons, send files and other particularly useful functions.

Among the few free Webinar platforms available I would like to point out Eztalks which allows you to hold free Webinar sessions with up to 100 participants and has all the functions present also in paid platforms 8 (e.g. chat, file sending, desktop sharing etc.etc). It is available both for computers (PC and Mac) and for mobile devices (Android and iOS)

So now you know that a Webinar is an online session that you participate in by videoconferencing. There are many webinar platforms but they all follow the same philosophy. If you have received an invitation to participate in a webinar session, all you have to do is click on the link contained in the invitation email to automatically download the program to participate in the session or to open the web page.

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