How to use manual gearbox correctly

The car transmission is a mechanical component capable of changing the characteristic of the torque output from the engine: here’s how to use the manual gearbox correctly .

What is the manual gearbox for

Car shifting must always be used in the right way to save fuel and keep the main parts of the vehicle in good working order: we are talking about fundamental components such as the engine , clutch and transmission .

It is a mechanical component that modifies the characteristic of the torque output from the engine, and which must be used with care: the manual car gearbox is in fact subject to continuous use, right from the start of the car, which is usually parked while in motion.

In any case, after starting, you know that the so-called “first” must be inserted, that is the gear marked with 1, essential for starting, to be followed in a short time (and speed) by the second, essential for accelerating quickly.

How to use manual transmission

Those who learn to drive often wonder when to change gear : although there is no written rule, you can put a higher gear when the tachometer is around 2,000 rpm .

But how to change correctly so as not to spoil the gearbox ahead of time? When changing it, it is essential to pay attention to the timely release of the accelerator pedal before pressing the clutch pedal all the way down.

Experience and “ear” will allow you to learn to hear the sound of the engine to identify the most suitable moment to engage a different gear. Beware, if you hear a screeching noise, shift to a lower gear.

Remember that these are processes to be carried out quickly and with the utmost care for each change, be it an increase in speed or a “downshift” to slow down: why? Because misuse of the gears can lead to serious damage and costly to repair


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