How To Use Calamine lotion for Acne

How To Use Calamine lotion for Acne?Acne is a skin condition that occurs when the sebaceous glands produce excess sebum.Other causes of acne are certain genetic factors, hormonal imbalances, stress, chemicals in strong cosmetics and food allergies.Below you will find useful information on its use and the correct method for its application.

How To Use Calamine lotion for Acne

Use of calamine lotion

The calamine lotion is a mixture made of the combination of two ingredients: zinc oxide and iron oxide. It is pink and has a thickness. It can be easily acquired without a prescription in most places.

Calamine lotion has many uses. 

First, it helps to protect and soften the skin when it is irritated due skin infection. Second, it helps to reduce the symptoms of skin diseases such as chicken pox and poison ivy. Its regular application can minimize the itching on the skin to a great extent. In addition, it has anti-bacterial and anti-allergic properties, because it fights bacteria on the skin that could cause acne.

How to use calamine lotion for scars

Step 1
In fact, before you start applying calamine lotion, it is very important that you clean the affected area. To do this, wash the skin area with a mild soap or herbal soap, which is very suitable for an acne-prone skin. If the acne scars are on your face, remember to remove the background makeup as well.

Step 2
Once you clean your face, take a towel and dry it. Next, take a cotton ball and apply the calamine lotion. Apply it on the skin area where the acne scars are. The lotion should be applied in a thin layer on the affected area of ​​the skin. Leave it on the skin overnight.

Step 3
In the morning, remove the dry lotion from your face with cold water and dry it with a towel. The calamine lotion will be truly effective as long as it is applied every night. It will take approximately one month before the results of the application of this lotion are visible.

As you can see, calamine lotion can be very useful for healing acne. However, regular application can make the skin extremely dry. So to avoid that, hydrating the skin with a moisturizer without oil is very essential to keep it soft and supple.

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