How to use and connect a MIDI controller to the iPad

The MIDI keyboard is a tool that transmits signals to the computer or device, as if it were a musical instrument. Useful for those users who work or are fond of creating musical backgrounds, achieving it in a more comfortable way.

Getting it is very simple, since its sale is very popular in digital stores. They can be found in a local in the city that promotes this type of device.

The use of this style of keyboard is very common among professionals and amateurs who work through music. Since this tool allows them to translate the touch of each key into a note or effect within a software, which is used to achieve the editing.

Due to this, clearly this product is connected to a computer that has some software for creating tracks , or music editing. Which are usually compatible with various devices and operating systems such as Mac OS.

The usefulness of this tool is not in question. So if you are interested in purchasing one and learning how to use it on any of your devices, keep reading.

Learn to use your MIDI keyboard with your iPad!

The USB port is one of the most popular connections between one or more devices. Currently its use is universal , so it is common that the creators of the MIDI keyboard have applied it in their design.

Although it was thought that its use would only be for computers, the availability of applications to create music within devices such as the iPad, has made many users of this community look for a way to connect an iPad keyboard .

Unfortunately, computers distributed by Apple do not have such a connection port. L or which is a real impediment when trying to use it, but should not be a cause for concern.

Adapt Lightning to USB connector to link MIDI keyboard

Devices created by Apple, including the iPad, have an accessory called “Camera Kit”, which works as an extension that is connected to the Lightning port, to generate a USB input from the other end .

For its use, many users advise first connecting the end of the keyboard to the kit’s USB port, and then connecting it to the iPad, so that it can link the accessory and its information correctly.

Another really useful, and even inexpensive option for many music creators, is to use the computer keyboard as a MIDI keyboard. Since there is a way to adapt the connectors to a USB output, and thus use the keys for each of the notes or settings of the program.

Did you know that you can use the iPad as a keyboard?

Like any other mobile device, the iPad has the versatility to give it a separate use to which it is intended. Including that of this accessory that we mentioned today.

After you have managed to convert the song to be edited to a MIDI extension , it will only be enough to connect the keyboard to start designing the new sound that you like best.

You can achieve this through third-party programs on your computer, specifically “ Audio MIDI Setup ”, since it is the one in charge of detecting the iPad as a MIDI keyboard.

By clicking on the “Window” tab, click on the “Show MIDI Studio” option. Which is the section that will allow you to enable a new connection network through a login.

When this setting is activated, the Tablet must be connected wirelessly, making it appear within the list of available devices. So it will be enough to select it and click on the “Connect” button.

At the end of each of the steps explained within this article, the audio editing programs will perceive these accessories as the necessary keyboard to start producing sound, so you only need to start editing to create the ideal track.


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