How to filter spam from Yahoo

A high percentage of the world population uses e-mails to communicate , using any of the many platforms that are available to users, such as Yahoo!

This popular space has been part of the Internet for many years, offering its search engine services, informative profile, and the main one of all, which is communication through emails.

Accessing the site is easy, and joining the Yahoo! , even more. Which is why it has grown exponentially over the years, allowing it to be attached in the form of software to computers and their systems, such as Mac OS X.

Yahoo! For its part, it has tools similar to those of any other platform, and in the same way, some type of problem may occur that is common among the users who use it.

One of the best known is the annoying spam that constantly manifests itself within the mail inbox , taking up unnecessary storage space and interfering with the organization of messages.

It is common for many people to tend to delete it or move this type of message to another space, so if today you need to learn how to do it, you have reached the ideal place.

Move or remove spam from your Yahoo! through the Mail program

We had previously mentioned the fact that the success of this platform had been so great that the possibility of handling people’s emails through software became a reality.

The program called Mac OS X Mail, which is present in most of Apple’s device and computer operating systems, allows users to synchronize the accounts they have.


The reason why it is used can be summed up to a common problem within the community: there are spam emails that disappear when the session is started within the browser, but once entered the program it is something else.

Learn how to filter spam mail from your Yahoo!

Once the program is open, go to the “Preferences” section found within the Mac OS X Mail menu. Composed of a varied list of options, you should go to the one that bears the name of “Rules”, so that ” Add ”a new one that fits your needs, and is created based on your tastes.

Among the main settings, the “Description” options are presented to identify the new rule. “Contains” to describe the group of emails and addresses you want to block. And finally select the destination folder where all the content will be stored.

It is important to emphasize that the option ” Transfer message ” must be kept as active or checked, as far as filter actions are concerned.

Once they have finished adjusting each of the aspects to the liking and convenience of the person, it will be finalized by clicking on “Ok” and closing “Rules”.

Other options to remove spam from your Yahoo! inbox

Although many people choose directly to delete the emails that appear within Mac OS X Mail , they should know that there is another way to divert this type of content.

Mail platforms have a certain space, which sometimes they occupy unnecessarily by this type of message. To evade them, there is the option of blocking .

There is no direct button that allows you to block an email or an address.   In the same way that a “Rule” was generated to move the content that was hidden in the browser. It can also apply to email addresses that are really annoying.

Therefore, you should know that in case you have deleted an email by accident or you have regretted making so much content disappear, Yahoo! it has shortcuts to recover all the messages that have been deleted .

So in this way, unwanted mail, or “spam”, will no longer be a nuisance for those who want to organize and use their inbox in a more comfortable and organized way.


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