How to use and configure the Nintendo Switch JoyCon on my PC

Without a doubt, the way of playing video games has evolved a lot, in fact, the same consoles have drastically mutated, being today devices capable of offering us different types of playability and longer battery life , improving the experience of all users.

Without a doubt, the latest console launched by Nintendo, the Switch, has become a total innovation by offering a portable mode, a desktop and the possibility of connecting Airpods .

However, it is not the only thing that this new console can do, since by operating with Bluetooth technology it is capable of having compatibility with MAC , tablets, some televisions and even mobile devices.

Although playing on PC is one of the most recommended options by experts, it can be tedious for some to have to play with the keyboard and without a control on your PC. Some of these controls are usually a bit expensive but in case you have a Nintendo Switch and its Joy-Con you can connect these controllers to your PC to play more comfortably.

In this article we will explain how to configure the Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch so that you can use them on your PC as two different controllers, but we will also mention how to unify both controls so that you can use it as one.

How to link the Joy-Con of the Nintendo Switch to your PC?

In order to carry out this process, it is essential that your computer has Bluetooth, in case this is not the case, you will need a special adapter , but you can also do it if you have this device.

The first thing to do is press the Windows button and select the settings menu. Once in this menu, a series of options will be displayed and you will have to click on devices.

In this menu you will have to select the option “Bluetooth and other devices” located on the left panel. In the apratado of Bluetooth devices we will have to select the option called «Add Bluetooth or another device» so that you can start with the link between your computer and the Joy-Con.

A black screen will be displayed with the different options with which you can search and pair the Joy-Con. Obviously we will have to use the Bluetooth option.

It will automatically start the search and link process . At this point we must take the Joy-Con that we want to use and we will have to press and hold the pairing button, located on the side of the remote, next to the SR button.

We will have to wait until the green light starts to flash and at that moment we can see that the remote appears in the list of devices found on the PC. We will click on the Joy-Con option and the team will automatically link them. After this point, you can repeat the process to connect the other controller.

Use both Joy-Con as the same controller

In order to carry out this process, you must first download an application called vJoy and install it on your PC with its default settings. Then you will have to open its settings, select tab number 1 and check everything except the Enable Effects option and putting 32 in the Number of Buttons option.

Then we will have to select tab number 2 to configure the other command as part of the first. Here you will have to uncheck the Enable Effects, Slider and Dial / Slider2 options and put 16 in the Number of Buttons option , instead of 32.

Finally, and without closing vJoy, you will have to download the Joy-Con utility drivers. You will have to unzip and execute the joycon-driver.exe file and there select the Combine JoyCons option, press start and that’s it.

How to connect the Pro controller via Steam

You can configure your Pro controller on Steam since this platform included official compatibility, so you just have to configure it. For this we will do the following:

  • From your PC, access the Steam beta client and go to « Steam parameters «
  • Later you will have to click on the Command option
  • Connect your Pro control via USB, register it and calibrate the gyroscope sensor
  • You must select the option « General command settings «
  • You will have to click on the option “Switch Pro controller settings” and then on “Use Nintendo button device”
  • Then you can configure the function of each button as you prefer


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