Best Nintendo Switch game according to its genre

Nintendo Switch is a tremendously successful console, but what really gives the system the most value is its large catalog of video games. In case you have one and you want to know which is the best game in each genre, fasten your seatbelt because we are going to show you the 14 best Nintendo Switch games according to their genre.

We know that you are giving a few vices to Monster Hunter Rise or Super Mario 3D World, but it never hurts to try different genres than the ones you usually play. And, if we talk about Nintendo Switch, the options in its catalog are almost endless and there are titles for all tastes and ages .

It is clear that Nintendo Switch has great platform and adventure video games, with exclusives such as Super Mario Odyssey or Breath of the Wild. However, we also find high-quality titles in genres such as driving , fighting, action games, shooters or even puzzle titles, thanks to Nintendo’s great investment in the indie scene.

You may have a Nintendo Switch and want to try new experiences that you have never considered before . For example, the Doom saga is a great opportunity to get started in FPS (First Person Shooter), while Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Super Smash Bros Ultimate are excellent options in the driving and fighting genres.

Hidden gems from the Nintendo Switch catalog that are well worth playing

Nintendo Switch is the ideal console to discover indie gems of yesterday and today … and its catalog is full. We select some of the most interesting for you.

Discover them

Do you want to know which is the best Switch game in each genre? Well get ready, because here you will find all kinds of genres and types of games for all tastes and ages .


Larian Studios, creators of Baldur’s Gate 3, plunge you into a deep world of fantasy with Divinity: Original Sin 2 . This action RPG based on the exploration of dungeons allows you the possibility to choose between 5 races and more than 6 characters, while you play alone with the AI ​​or with your friends.

In addition, the Definitive Edition has technical improvements and more content, as an incentive to achieve Divinity. If you like “Dungeon Crawler” and role playing, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is the best option you can play on your Switch .


What can we say about Hades , the amazing title from Supergiant Games for Switch and PC. Winner of many awards for Best Game of the Year 2020, this title alternates the exploration of dungeons with the hack and slash genre , in the mission to defeat the God of the dead along with the main Gods of Greek mythology, such as Zeus, Poseidon or Athena

In the dungeons of Hades you will face tough enemies, final bosses, while managing your resources and objects to survive. Arm yourself with courage, because this game is challenging like few others … but also tremendously fun.


Maybe you were hoping to see Animal Crossing New Horizons in this position, but we gave up on the great multiplayer mode of Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury . In both the base game and Bowser’s Fury, in this Switch exclusive we can join up with 3 other players in local cooperative mucus or online , to explore each level while we climb, jump and have a great time.

And, in the case of Bowser’s Fury, we can play the story in cooperative mode, while one player controls Mario and the other Bowser Jr. If you’re looking to play together on your Nintendo Switch, Super Mario 3D World is a great option .


Do you remember the Harvest Moon saga? Well, his spirit returns with Stardew Valley , Eric Barone’s fun game for Nintendo Switch and other platforms. Under a classic 2D aesthetic, this game presents us with a farm that we have to take care of, after inheriting it from our grandfather.

We can manage the farm and the land as we want, while we carry out tasks and interact with other characters in the town … we can even get married and start our own family. The Nintendo console has other options of the same type (such as the recent Story of Seasons) but we are left with the relaxing and peaceful Stardew Valley .


We could include Darkest Dungeon as a dungeon game or even as an RPG, but we have decided to praise the great work of Red Hook Studios. Available on Nintendo Switch under the name Ancestral Edition, this game offers us intense and bloody dungeons full of enemies , which we will have to face with different characters, each with their abilities.

Little-Known Nintendo Switch Games You Should Play

Although they are not great productions and do not have much media coverage, these Nintendo Switch games are worth it.But be careful, because we will also have to eat, drink, place torches to illuminate the scenes, rest or heal ourselves, also taking a look at the different classes (Crusader, Abomination, Weapons Master …) to create the best equipment for each level . A highly recommended option.


When it comes to cracking down on Nintendo Switch, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the real king. And not only for its tremendous quality or for being one of the best exclusive to the console, but because we can fight with iconic characters in the history of the game .

From Mario, Sonic, Snake, Bowser or Donkey Kong, to other additions such as Pac-Man, Pyra and Mythra (from Xenoblade Chronicles 2) or the charismatic Cloud, from Final Fantasy VII. Whether alone or in its multiplayer mode (local and online), Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a celebration of the fighting genre on Switch, which will win you over with its variety of characters, settings and game modes.


Nintendo Switch has quite a few free to play titles in its catalog, such as Fortnite, Apex Legends or the successful Rocket League . Developed by Psyonix and betting on soccer and driving, this free game is focused on the online scenario, offering us fun games in very varied game modes.

The initial premise of Rocket League is to score more goals than the opposite, while we enter into a dispute with the rest of the cars for the supremacy of the huge ball, although as we say there are other modalities that give more variety to the title. If you are looking for a free online game, with tradition and that is also a candidate for popular eSports, Rocket League is always a great option .


It may not have caught up with Animal Crossing New Horizons or Super Mario 3D World on the online stage, but Overcooked! 2 is an unrivaled local multiplayer experience. The goal is to defeat the Pan Demonium … and what better way to cook than to quench the evil cravings, but don’t forget to call your friends to open the stove.

As you can imagine, in Overcooked 2 you will have to complete certain cooking and dish challenges in the shortest time possible, while collaborating with 3 other players. Sort of like a MasterChef on your Nintendo Switch, so put on your apron and light the fires, because you’re going to need it.


Contrary to what happened with Wii or Wii U, Nintendo Switch has had great support from third party developers, and one of the great beneficiaries is the FPS genre (first person shooters). DOOM is one of the great surprises that made the leap from PS4, Xbox One and PC to the hybrid console, rescuing the frenzy and fluidity of its fights without hardly diminishing in the technical section .

The Slayer must cleanse the planet Mars of the demonic threat, and for this he will be able to use all kinds of weapons, abilities and a devilish speed, throughout 15 levels of his intense campaign mode. Panic Button made this feat of port possible. Can you imagine playing the Doom reboot in handheld mode? Well, that goes without saying.


It is a somewhat unknown genre, but tremendously fun. And, if we talk about rhythm games on Nintendo Switch, Thumper is a discovery. Developed by Drool, this title puts us in the shoes of a space beetle whose mission is to face an infernal invasion led by a huge creature.

Disguised as a shoot ’em up, Thumper is, in essence, a rhythm game where we must have quick reflexes in each level, avoiding enemy attacks to the rhythm and controlling its frantic speed . Of course, they could not miss the huge final bosses, which will make you sweat ink while you keep the rhythm with each movement. A pleasant surprise.


No introduction is necessary for the Mario Kart saga. Its most recent installment, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe , is an improved version for Switch of the hit game that has already seen the light of day on Wii U. With a varied cast of up to 42 characters (with some unusual ones like Bones or Rey Boo), we have our disposition a series of cups and challenges for a single player, in addition to the races against the clock or the exciting multiplayer mode .

We know you love itching with your friends, and that’s why Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the king of arcade driving on Nintendo Switch, with all kinds of game modes and drinks to sweep away your friends or other users. Prepare your car, the championship begins.


Nintendo did not go around with little girls in March 2017, launching its new Nintendo Switch console along with the mammoth exclusive Zelda Breath of the Wild . As expected, the new The Legend of Zelda won the GOTY of that year and, to this day, it is still the most valued video game in the system along with Super Mario Odyssey .

Join Link in this enormous open world adventure, through a Hyrule threatened by the evil Ganondorf, after 100 years of slumber. Breath of the Wild rescues the classic essence of the saga, but with an extensive 3D world, a multitude of secondary tasks, dungeons to explore and a first-rate artistic and visual section. One of the most titanic exclusives on Nintendo Switch, and the best RPG on the console.


Minecraft is one of the great phenomena in the history of video games, which has transcended both economically and in today’s society. And it is in its version of Nintendo Switch where it is reaping the most success (in Japan or the United Kingdom it is a regular in the top 10), as well as on PC.

Minecraft offers infinite possibilities in its random worlds, allowing us to farm, build all kinds of structures, edit any detail of the scene and interact with other users. It is one of the best options for our son, little brother or any young person to start in video games, although it is suitable for all ages . Also, the Switch version has exclusive skins and cosmetics that you can get.


It is true that Super Mario Party is a great option if we talk about Nintendo Switch’s “ party games ”, but this time we want to highlight the Jackbox Party Pack saga, made up of five deliveries to date. In the case of Jackbox Party Pack 5, we can play five fun games (for one player or in company, which is when the fun is multiplied), of different types and for all tastes .

In other words, it’s like playing a lot of games on board games, since we found five fun options: Split the Room, You Don’t Know Jack, Mad Verse City, Patently Stupid and Crab Nebula: Zeeple Dome. If you want to throw a small party and you don’t know what to play on your Nintendo Switch, give Jackbox Party Pack 5 a try. You will have a great time … but be careful with the bites.

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