How To Close Out A Game On Nintendo Switch

How To Close Out A Game On Nintendo Switch.The new console of the Nintendo company, the Nintendo Switch OLED impresses with the technology of its screen, since being an OLED screen it represents more detailed and realistic colors. In any case, for newbies, its use could be a bit complicated, therefore, we show you how to close a game correctly on your Nintendo Switch OLED.

How To Close Out A Game On Nintendo Switch

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  1. How To Close Out A Game On Nintendo Switch.
  2. How can you close your game from its home interface on the Nintendo Switch OLED?
  3. How can you check that your games were closed correctly?
  4. What to do to close the games that were left open in the background?

What is the procedure to be able to save a game before closing the game?.

How To Close Out A Game On Nintendo Switch

The procedure to save your game before closing a game is quite simple, you will have to press the ‘ZL’ and ‘ZR’ buttons which will open the pause menu . In this pause menu you will find several options, you have to locate the option ‘Save game’ and select it.

Once you have done that you will have to choose a file where to save your current game and the date it was saved will be displayed. If all your files already have a game, you will have to overwrite that file.

This has the consequence that you lose that old game in exchange for being able to save the current one. You can check the date to know which one to use, On the other hand, you can record your games on Nintendo Switch OLED in video form if you want to have a backup of how your experience was.

Some games will have Automatic Save, which means that when you reach a certain point in the game it is saved automatically , however, you still have the possibility of saving manually. When saving manually in the available files, it will be shown if they were saved automatically and the date they were saved.

How To Close Out A Game On Nintendo Switch;Easy Method.

How To Close Out A Game On Nintendo Switch

Once you know how to download and install Fortnite  or any other game, you have to know how to close it, since there are games or applications that will stay in the background and can slow down the performance of your Nintendo Switch, below you will have the steps to follow to be able to close a game the right way .

  • Press the HOME button while in the game or in the program you want to close
  • In the menu that is displayed on the screen, the programs or games that you are using or running at that moment will appear, locate the one you want to close.
  • Once you have located it, you have to select the option to close the program, which should stop the game or program you selected-

The way people tend to close a game is by simply exiting it, which can lead to background processes being created or not closing completely. The best way to do it is through the method mentioned before, the truth is that every time you close the games, you should do it that way.

How can you check that your games were closed correctly?

The way to check this is by checking the processes in the background . Many people don’t know what these processes are and how important they can be. A background process is the method in which applications stay running even if you don’t use them, by doing this they consume RAM and slow down your console. If you are using Google on your Nintendo Switch OLED or similar applications, you should know that these can remain running in the background.

These applications can range from simple game or application processes to system-running processes . The difference between these is that the processes of games or applications will allow you to access them more quickly, since they are previously preloaded. System processes, on the other hand, are processes that start with the computer and are responsible for making the system work.

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