Nintendo Switch: How to activate parental controls

The pandemic has made you realize a number of changes you have made to your life. This is general, since it affects not only you, but also the little ones in the house, since they do not have classes and cannot go out to play with their friends more often, they spend more time at home and therefore, they seek entertainment.

Every child should play and it is not surprising that one becomes depressed if he cannot access an effective method of entertainment that can retaliate his energies and let him vent on himself . If you have a child and are looking to distract him, video games are a very good option. It is important that you remember that Android has a list of educational games apps for children.

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  1. Steps to activate parental controls for children
  2. How to set restriction levels on Nintendo Switch?
    1. Restricted Programs
    2. Program Classification System
    3. Social Media Posts
    4. Communication with other Users
    5. VR mode
  3. Can I change the parental control that is already created? – How to do it
  4. How to block the purchase function of programs and games?
  5. How to link app with Nintendo Switch for more control?
  6. Features and benefits of using the Nintendo Switch Parental Control application.
    1. Usage Control
    2. Detailed Report of Actions
    3. Block or Restrict
  7. What is parental control? How can you help me?
  8. How do I set up the parental control app on my Nintendo Switch?
  9. How can I use parental controls? Can I get a credential?

Steps to activate parental controls for children

The Nintendo Switch is a perfect console for the whole family, it allows us to spend pleasant moments with each of our family members, both for adults and for the smallest of the household.

This is a perfect gift for them, since it has a catalog of varied and entertaining games for children, however, activating functions such as parental control are very important.

Not only do we prevent children from having an encounter with some content that is not suitable for them, but also having options such as regulating the use of the console’s time, activating parental control can be done in the following way:

-In the menu of our Nintendo Switch we will select the option ‘Console Settings’.

-Within the console settings, we will look for the option of ‘Parental Control’ and then ‘Parental Control Settings’.

-After this we will select what is for this console and then we will select the ‘Restriction Level’ option .

-When inside the Restriction Level option, we can select any of the restrictions that are predetermined, as well as the Custom option.

-In the Custom option we can make all kinds of adjustments manually regarding the level of restriction in the use of the console.

How to set restriction levels on Nintendo Switch?

In the Restriction Level settings that are within the parental control, there are options that are customizable in many ways, in such a way that we can decide if the parental control will be low or high level.

Among these types of adjustments we can find:

Restricted Programs

This function allows restricting the programs that we have on our Nintendo Switch according to age, in the same way that all the multimedia content of these programs found in albums will not be available for the restricted age.

Program Classification System

This option allows making modifications to the classification system in which the restrictions of the programs are covered, based on our region or zone, it can also be modified.

Social Media Posts

In this option we can both activate and deactivate the use of sharing multimedia content on social networks, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Communication with other Users

This function blocks communications between Nintendo users, activating this option blocks the chat options and the exchange of messages, this option is adjustable, you can apply this configuration to all the programs or some specific one.

VR mode

In the case that a child under 6 years of age use the Nintendo Switch, it is recommended that you do not use the VR Mode or 3D Environment option, if we activate this option in the parental control it will be unavailable.

All these restrictions can also be activated or deactivated by means of the password that you will have through parental control, this password will have to be between 4 and 8 characters.

Can I change the parental control that is already created? – How to do it

Once parental control is activated, these functions can be modified at any time, as long as you remember the password assigned to parental control, these are the steps to follow to modify parental control:

-We will go to ‘Console Settings’.

-We will look for the option of ‘Parental Control’ and then go to ‘Parental Control Settings’.

-A window will appear in which we will have to enter the parental control password in order to access the settings, in case of having forgotten it, it could be restored.

-After having entered the password, we will select ‘Modify Settings’.

-Here we can change any of the parental control options to our liking .

How to block the purchase function of programs and games?

This option can be very useful to have it activated, it is important that you want to avoid any unnecessary spending of money through a family member and the Nintendo Switch, for this there is the function of blocking the purchase of applications and games in the Nintendo Switch Eshop, this function can be activated as follows:

-We must have our adult Nintendo account session started in order to enter the account settings.

-Then we must go to the Family Control option, here we can view all the accounts that exist in the family group and thus supervise them.

-Selecting any of these accounts we can modify if we want to give it full access or if, on the contrary, we want to place restrictions on it.

-After having selected it, we can modify options such as Expenses and Purchases in the Nintendo Switch Eshop store and on the Nintendo website, this can be deactivated by checking the box so that it is not available.

-We can also deactivate in the same way the option to see the content found in the Nintendo Eshop store , in this way we cannot see applications or games that the virtual store contains.

How to link app with Nintendo Switch for more control?

To have greater control and supervision of an application found on the Nintendo Switch, you must follow these steps:

– On your mobile device, whether Android or iOS, you must download the Parental Control application for Nintendo Switch.

-After having it on your cell phone you must get the registration code of the application.

-Then you must use the code to link the console with the cell phone.

-Once both the console and the mobile application are linked, through the application interface you can both monitor and configure both parental control and the restrictions of a specific application.

Features and benefits of using the Nintendo Switch Parental Control application.

Having the Parental Control function activated on the Nintendo Switch can be a great help tool for the family, since with the help of parental control, supervision and control of all the applications and profiles that exist on the console can be carried out .

Mainly it could be said that Parental Control brings three essential functions to ensure the use of the Nintendo Switch Console both for the minors of the home, these advantages are divided into:

Usage Control

With the Parental Control of the console, how long the console can be used can be regulated and assigned by profiles , this can be modified very freely since for each day of the week we can even assign a different time.

Detailed Report of Actions

Parental Control will allow us a detailed report of how long each game or application has been used and the profiles that are on the console day by day.

Block or Restrict

This option will allow us to place restrictions or ultimately a block to applications and other console options, such as communication and interaction of some functions of social networks.

What is parental control? How can you help me?

In case you want to limit your child’s access to video games, and this one by chance has one of the new Nintendo Switch, which the Japanese company has released with very good sales and excellent reviews, you’re in luck. This is because these consoles are made for parents to have a very good parental control settings.

This is implied by the name of the procedure itself. They are a series of measures that parents can take in any adverse situation in which they see that their child is consuming content that they do not want him to consume . Whether it is pornography, violence or insensitive things, we have to make sure that our children are not exposed to these things at a very young age.

If a child does not consume these adult content found on the internet, he is less likely to develop bad habits that affect him and his surroundings. Many times the devices we buy have a special section called Parental Control that is made exactly to avoid these scenarios.

How do I set up the parental control app on my Nintendo Switch?

First of all, it is important that you know that this app has several ways of being applied. Many people realize that it can be controlled from the console, however, Nintendo has created a parental control App that you can download through its tab in the Google Playstore. Once you have downloaded it, you need to enter this application the same user that you use on your Switch, so that the control can be established on your console.

However, it is very important that you know that the best way to avoid bad content is by knowing which Applications you should download. That is why it is important that you read and inform yourself about  the best Education Apps for Adults, adolescents and children . The use of parental control in these applications is almost nil, as the content is very safe.

In order to establish itself, the App will show you a special code that you should not show to anyone. When this happens, you have to go to the configuration section of your Nintendo Switch. In this you can clearly see the “Parental Control” option. You must select it. When you enter this menu you will see the option of “parental control settings”. 

How can I use parental controls? Can I get a credential?

When you are in the configuration, click on the button “I have the App Installed”. This will show you a box in which you can write the number that was given to you on your phone and thus be able to establish Parental Control parameters quickly.

In case you want to use the app again, you will need a way in which children will not have the possibility to enter parental control and affect your controls. To use it, you will need to establish a security PIN that you will have to enter on your phone each time you want to access parental control.

When you want to use it, you will realize that the main option that it allows you, in addition to also limiting certain characteristics of the video game language, is to limit the game time, and you can even remotely turn off the Switch . It is important that you remember that it is also important to maintain control over social networks, installing applications to restrict them, such as Facebook Messenger Kids , and thus maintain computer security over our children.


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