How to use a sandwich maker: general rules

The sandwich maker (aka the sandwich maker) is easy to use – if you know “How? What? For what?”. When you don’t know, it’s worse, but it’s fixable.

The article contains several recommendations for handling a sandwich maker. We will tell you how to properly care for her. We will also show you simple options for breakfast and snack dishes.

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What can you cook in a sandwich maker

In addition to the “sealed” sandwiches with filling, the device cooks scrambled eggs or scrambled eggs, pancakes and pancakes, puffs with different fillings and waffles. Most sandwich makers have triangular shapes, so it is convenient to use toast bread for making snacks. It is cut into squares or triangles and placed in the device. First they put in the bread, then the filling and then the bread again. The lid is closed, the mold “seals” the sandwich and bakes, frying the crust. This is how the electric sandwich maker is used.

On sale there are models with different attachments (for example, for round bread) or with a solid surface – even or with protrusions like a grill. Unlike a flat surface, a grooved surface allows you to cook healthier food, as excess fat from the product flows into the grooves. So the devices are universal: for any fantasy and wallet.

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How to use a sandwich maker: general rules

To prepare snacks without the hassle, you need to know how to use the sandwich maker correctly. The algorithm of actions is quite simple:

  1. Plug the device into a power outlet and wait until it warms up to the desired temperature. For this, light indicators are provided.
  2. If desired, grease the forms with butter, olive, sunflower oil. This will give the sandwiches a delicious golden crust.
  3. Place prepared sandwiches, pies or other snacks on the lower preheated panel of the appliance. Try not to go outside the molds, especially when working with batter.
  4. Close the lid of the sandwich maker. Some models have a clip that prevents the device from opening, thereby keeping the temperature in check. If there is no clip, support the cover with your hand.
  5. The readiness of a product can be determined by its appearance. It is recommended to check dishes made from raw dough with a toothpick. The cooking time depends on the power of the electrical appliance.
  6. Prepared snacks are carefully removed from the molds using a wooden, plastic or silicone spatula . Do not use metal objects – there is a risk of damaging the non-stick coating.

After finishing cooking, you need to wait until the electric sandwich maker cools down, wash the molds and wipe dry.

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Additional useful functions of sandwich makers

When choosing an electrical device, it is important to pay attention to its functions. Sometimes it’s worth paying a little more for your own comfort.

Give preference to models with advanced functionality:

Usefulness Consequences
Cover latch You don’t have to hold it with your hand. You can do other things while cooking
Removable heating plates It is much more convenient to wash the plates separately.
Temperature sensor Prevents overheating, maintains the right temperature
Several temperature modes Allows you to choose the optimal temperature for each type of snack
Indicator lights In simple models, there is only one light that glows red when the device is turned on.
Sandwich makers with extended functionality can also notify about the heating of the panels to the set temperature
Timer Signals the end of product preparation

To cook different dishes in a sandwich maker, you should buy a device with additional heating elements of different shapes.

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Cleaning and care

Having considered what a sandwich maker is, what can be cooked in it and what useful functions you should pay attention to, let’s move on to the issues of cleanliness.

Here are some recommendations that will help the device last a long time and at the same time retain its original appearance:

  • You can wash the sandwich maker only after it has cooled completely.
  • Use only mild cleaning agents such as a sponge, cloth, dishwashing liquid or soap solution.
  • Do not immerse the device in water, do not wash it under a running stream.
  • To remove carbon deposits, use special products and a soft brush (silicone or plastic).
  • Wipe the heating panels dry with paper or cloth towels and napkins.

Do not forget to wipe the body of the sandwich maker, because dirt can also remain on it.

Cooking in an electric sandwich maker is tasty and healthy. Thanks to the non-stick coating of the heating panels, it can fry and bake without oil.

Now that you know how to use your sandwich maker, making breakfast is not only faster but also more fun. Thanks to its simple operation, even children can use the device.

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