How to iron curls: 6 useful secrets

Many beauties love hairstyles with mischievous curls. One of the best ways to do them is with an iron . If there is such a beauty device in the house, transforming hair is as easy as shelling pears.

But how to create curls with a straightener, read on. But before knowing the secrets of divine curls, we compare a couple of high-quality and budget models of irons.

Name Heating element surface Operating temperature range: Security Nozzles
Remington S7300 Wet 2 Straight Ceramics 10 temperature settings from 140 ° C to 230 ° C Auto shut-off, blocking of heating buttons No
Rowenta SF1612F0 Ceramics, tourmaline coating Maximum heating temperature – +200 ° C Plate locking, overheating protection No
Philips HP8374 / 00 Titanium 3 modes: +200 ° C, +175 ° C, +150 ° C Automatic shutdown / after 60 min, overheating protection No

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How to wind curls with an iron: basic principles

To make curling a pleasure, and a stunning result, do not deviate from the fundamental principles of curling curls.

  • Preparation

Prepare your hair before using the device. They must be clean and moist. So the curls wind up easier and keep their shape longer.

  • Protection

In order not to burn your hair, you need to protect it with special equipment. Before using the straightener, apply thermal protection to the strands in the form of mousse or gel.

  • Technique

Curls will look natural if you master the working techniques and practice. Below in the article are several win-win options.

  • Curl size

If you want body waves, it is better to wind a thicker strand on the device. And naughty curls are obtained if you take thinner strands.

  • Rectifier selection

It is better to choose irons with plates made of ceramic . They are gentle on the hair. Ideal models are tourmaline or ionic ceramic because they are the safest. A classic styler just right for curling your ends. And in order to make long curls, it is better to opt for models, the tongs of which are rounded at the edges.

The rectifier is advised to use a maximum of twice a week. The temperature regime must also be chosen with care. If your hair is thin or soft, it is better to select a low temperature, at least 180 degrees. For tough hair, you can choose higher.

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Curls on the iron: step by step instructions

Before winding, the hair is washed, moistened with a balm, dried with a hair dryer and a thermal protection agent is applied to the strands. Then no temperature on the plates will spoil the natural shine of the hair.

And then act on intuition:

  1. Divide the strands into parts
    Place the end of the curl between the heated plates of the iron, press, as for straightening, and twist. To get a wave out along the entire length, you need to wind the hair along the outside, moving from the ends up to the roots.
  2. Wait a couple of seconds
    If the curl is not neat, repeat the manipulation. Only this time it is better to hold the strand in this position longer.
  3. After keeping the time, loosen the clamp of the forceps
    And slowly unwind the curls, wrapping the straightener in a semicircle.
  4. Secure the finished curl with a hairpin
    so that it does not get tangled with the hair, and do the same procedure with other strands.

The main thing here is practice. If you get the hang of it, there are no problems with the rectifier.

Curling utjuzhkom similar to the winding curling . The turns on the cone should be smooth in order to prevent kinks in the strands. Do not rush to curl, but also do not work too slowly to avoid drying out your hair. 

Styling features

After winding it up, it is important to style your hairstyle effectively. When the strands are ready, gently run your fingers through the hair, as if with a comb. Then they fix it with varnish so that all beauty does not disintegrate and looks natural. You should not be zealous with the spray, otherwise the hair will be sticky and oak. And this is useless.

How to make curls on long hair with a straightener

Start from where the curl will come from. Hold the device for a couple of seconds and spin it quickly, holding it with your palm. Sprinkle some nail polish. No need to comb.

  • To get the corrugation , it is better to grab medium-sized strands. Wrap up to the roots, hold for a couple of seconds, while tilting the iron with the end down. Gently and gradually unwind, rotating the iron. You should get such curls, as if light waves of the ocean. They are fixed with varnish and straightened with your fingers.
  • The spirals are playful and cute. To create them, a strand is separated, pressed with an iron and kept at a distance of 5 centimeters from the roots. They wind up little by little, and when the spiral comes out, carefully remove the device from the hair, holding the styler vertically. They hold it with a hand, the formed curl is fixed, pshiknuv a little bit of varnish. And so with all the strands.
  • Flagella are first formed from strands. Then each is fixed at the roots and clamped with an iron. They are in no hurry to unwind. Wait a bit for the hair to cool down. At the end, sprinkle all the beauty with varnish and spread it slightly with your fingers.

To make curls on long, thick hair, it is better to choose models with wide plates and rounded edges.

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Curls on an iron for a square

Heat the styler to 120-180 degrees and start winding it up. It is better to do this from the top of the hair and alternately move to the bottom. Each strand is clamped with tongs and moved downward in spiral movements, holding the iron vertically. When finished, fix the result.

If the bob is very short, it is better to twist only the ends. To do this, they are tucked under the bottom with tongs. This hairstyle adds volume.

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Beach curls with an iron

Divide the hair into strands and twist them into flagella. Each is pressed with forceps and held for a few seconds. Then, little by little, they lead the device along the flagellum from the base to the ends. They wait for the hair to cool down and unwind it. To make the curls more voluminous, the bundles are made thicker, and for miniature waves, thinner.

With the help of a beauty gadget, you can make divine curls: alluring, sophisticated, mischievous or daring. This device makes curls even better than a curling iron, if, of course, you get the hang of working with it.

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