How to use 4K Video Downloader to download videos

The internet is a wonderful digital place where everything looks perfect even when it isn’t. You will surely have noticed the infinity of multimedia content on the web and among these you may have found a video or an audio file that you would like to keep. Although clicking on the favorites bar and saving the link in a dedicated area can be a solution, it is certainly not the best one if you intend to view the content without a data connection or Wi-Fi.

In these cases it is advisable to use a third-party program that can guarantee you the highest quality, speed and stability during use. Today we will take a look at how to use 4K Video Downloader to download videos and more, so as to save the desired videos or audio on your device.

Let’s see how it works, what to do to download it and how much it costs.


  • How 4K Video Downloader Works
    • YouTube playlist
    • Subtitles
    • 4K resolution
    • Platforms
    • Private YouTube videos
    • 3D and 360 degrees
    • Proxy
    • Smart Mode
  • How to download videos with 4K Video Downloader
    • How to download 4K Video Downloader
    • How to download videos with 4K Video Downloader
  • How to download music with 4k Video Downloader
  • How much does 4K Video Downloader cost

How 4K Video Downloader Works

If you are already familiar with software capable of downloading music and videos to your PC you will not find many differences with 4K Video Downloader , if instead you have never had a direct approach with this type of program it is advisable to begin to understand how it works first.

This software is able, by entering the URL of the video, to download it to your device in the format you want. While it may seem like a basic feature, 4K Video Downloader actually allows you to do much more. To give you a concise but precise overview of what you can do, it is advisable to analyze the available functions individually. Here’s what they are.

YouTube playlist

One of the most interesting features of this program is to save and download complete playlists and channels directly from YouTube in excellent quality , according to the audio and video formats you prefer. If you need to download the university lectures or a tutorial directly posted on this platform you will not have to waste time in inserting the URLs of each single video, but just choose the desired channel or playlist and then get the videos in the selected folder on your device.


Returning to the utility of downloading a university lecture from YouTube you may also need a paper format to consult quickly. As you know YouTube has subtitles, whether they are automatic or inserted by the author of the video, and with 4K Video Downloader you can extract them into an SRT text document .

4K resolution

The name of the software is certainly not random, it allows you to download movies in HD (720p) , FULL HD (1080p) , 4K and 8K . So you can count on the highest possible quality without experiencing faded or poor quality video issues. Obviously, make sure that the video you are downloading has a resolution that conforms to the one you want to have.


We are sure that you have thought that this program, like many others, only works on YouTube. There are actually tons of platforms from which you can save audio and video. In order not to take it too long here is a complete list of websites where you can use 4K Video Downloader: Twitch , YouTube Gaming , Facebook , Naver TV , Instagram , Vimeo , YouTube , Bilibili , Flickr , DailyMotion , Tumblr , Likee and TikTok .

Private YouTube videos

The peculiarity that distinguishes this video download software from others, is that it allows you to download private YouTube videos. The Preferences option gives you the ability to access YouTube by logging in directly from 4K Video Downloader.

3D and 360 degrees

Among the functions that differentiate this software from many others is the ability to save videos in augmented reality . You will be able to download 3D videos and use them on devices such as Oculus or others, these are also present on YouTube and you can download them in 3GP, FLV, MKV and MP4 formats. If you want to go further with your virtual viewer you can also download 360 ° videos for an even more immersive experience.


If you are a videomaker or a user who likes to play with the Windows Firewall you will find the function to set up proxies very useful. You will have the ability to bypass your provider’s restrictions and access videos that are not usually downloadable. Obviously, keep in mind that you must act legally and we recommend that you use this feature for particularly restrictive but public sites.

Smart Mode

You will love 4K Video Downloader for its smart mode . This, in an intelligent way, will allow you to download other media files with the settings you set upstream, thus avoiding you to do it manually every time.

How to download videos with 4K Video Downloader

Now you know perfectly well what you can and cannot do with this program. If you have found one of the many functions that you are particularly interested in, we can proceed to download it. Fortunately, the platform helps us to download it in a few seconds and does not affect the operating system resources in the least. Let’s see how to download 4K Video Downloader and then how to download the videos that interest you most.

How to download 4K Video Downloader

The company that gave life to this program has seen fit to distribute it both for Android mobile devices (in APK version) and for Windows , macOS and Ubuntu operating systems . In order for you to download it safely, you need to connect to the official page of the site , choose the operating system and press on the green bar that says Download 4K Video Download .

Once the download has been made, which you will find in the Downloads folder or on the Desktop, you must start the installation by double clicking on the downloaded executable file. Accept the license terms and conditions and wait for the set up to finish. Once the process is completed you will see the icon on your desktop or smartphone icon page, obviously start it to start downloading.

How to download videos with 4K Video Downloader

Once the application is started you will see a small user-friendly window with menus and a toolbar with buttons: Paste Link , Smart Mode , Preferences , Subscriptions , Help and Activate , to obtain a license and download without limits.

Now it is important to search for the video from YouTube or another platform that you intend to save on your device.

If you have found it with your browser, all you have to do is click with the right mouse button on the search bar and copy the URL of the video . Next go to 4K VD and hit the Paste Link button .

If the video is part of a playlist, a message box may appear asking if you want to download the entire playlist or just the clip.

Click on the button you are interested in and in the following window choose the resolution with which you want to save the video and the format . At the bottom, choose the folder where to save the movie by pressing the Browse button and complete everything by pressing the Download button . The game is done.

In the same window, you can indicate, if available, the download of subtitles by selecting the language in the drop-down menu: Download subtitles .

From the Android smartphone you will find the URL by opening the desired video from the official YouTube application and clicking on the Share item under the video. A window will open with different options, select Copy Link and put it in 4K Video Downloader.

How to download music with 4k Video Downloader

Maybe you are not interested in the movie but only in its audio, this would also significantly reduce the file size. With 4K Video Downloader you can also save audio and the process is as simple as video.

Launch the application and once you have copied the URL of the video from which you want to capture the audio, press the Paste link button . The usual window will open where you will have to choose the format and resolution of the movie, but just click on the Download video drop-down menu to replace it with the Extract audio item .

In this way the program will download the file in the format you have chosen among MP3 , OGG and M4A . Choose the folder where to save it and then click on Extract . In a few seconds you will see the much desired audio file appear, which we advise you to open with a program like VLC to avoid incompatibility problems.

How much does 4K Video Downloader cost

There are several versions of this program, from the free one to the one with all the functions unlocked. You can imagine that costs vary considerably depending on the bundle you choose. Specifically, you can choose between the plans:

  • For personal use: € 16.64
  • Pro: € 43.92 instead of € 59.00.
  • Bundle: € 67.1 instead of € 90.00.

The price is equivalent to 1 license. The versions differ mainly in a higher number of simultaneous downloads and the ability to download in 4K or 8K resolution . You know very well how annoying ads in videos are and with the best version you can remove those too.

However, we recommend that you try the free version which brings with it some great features, but as you can imagine it limits not only the number of simultaneous downloads but also the video resolution and audio quality. If you like 4K Video Downloader this much, we invite you to support its creators.

Bottom line : To avoid legal issues we recommend that users only download copyright free content for non-commercial use.

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