Where to find logs and shipwrecks in New World?

As we progress through the game and make our way through New World , in the main story, we will get a specific mission called ” Charity Douglas Inter-Ship Stories ”. On this mission at various points we will receive instructions to begin searches for logs and wrecks. During this mission the search may not be so simple and obvious, fortunately we can follow the steps to complete this mission.

In the course of this mission you must look for a survivor and get records or remains of the wrecked ships, you must pay attention to the signs of corruption and return to the Douglas lookout at the Monarch Cliffs watchtower.

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  1. What is the mission that asks you to find records and shipwrecks?
  2. How can you find logs and shipwrecks faster?
  3. What are the rewards that will be obtained by completing this mission?
    1. A bow made of treated wood
    2. 330 XP
    3. 59 coins

What is the mission that asks you to find records and shipwrecks?

In New World, while playing solo throughout the Stories Among Ships mission, you are sent as a player to obtain logs and wrecks. As you progress through the game in the main story of New World, our player unlocks a mission called Stories between ships, by Charity Douglas . Remains of the wrecked ship, instructions and certain records can be acquired at different points in the mission.

Upon completion of the mission , New World players will be able to continue their travels on Aeternum Island. They can take on a new one from the main story or they can go on a side quest. From this point they will be able to use the rewards obtained.

How can you find logs and shipwrecks faster?

Upon receiving in-game instructions to search for shipwrecks for the first time, the player in New World must head approximately 250m Northwest of Charity Douglas. As players reach this position on the ground, the objective will need to be updated and they will need to collect books they find in the area, specifically three. The location of these books may well be located on the New World map, however, there are help videos that can facilitate the search on the map, if it is very complex.

After the interaction with the books, the game will give you instructions again to search for records and wrecks, it will give new instructions to travel in a Southwest direction from your current position. This move will direct you to another island in New World, Stories Among Ships will update when they approach. A chest-shaped locker is the objective to find for each player, located on the deck of a wrecked ship.

Players are then assigned a third quest, the last one, where they must run southeast until it is under the ” J ” for ” Jawbone Cove ” on the map, there pick up two Bounty flags. of Boehm. Upon completing this step, players return to Charity Douglas where they will be able to complete Inter-Ship Stories and also earn their rewards.

On the other hand, if you are one of those who like to get shortcuts, you can search the web for updated New World information .

What are the rewards that will be obtained by completing this mission?

Once New World players return to Charity Douglas to complete the story, they will be able to collect all of their rewards and immediately have the opportunity to engage in other activity throughout the game. Players will earn a wooden bow, player experience upgrade points, and gold coins.

A bow made of treated wood

This implement is a weapon of dexterity in New World. The bow finds its greatest strength in ranged attacks , but it also improves your player skills.

330 XP

You will get experience points (XP) in New World that will make your character level up and you will be able to advance level quickly, marking the difference between other players and making us become a benchmark in each game session.

59 coins

Within New World it is very important to get gold coins , these will allow you to buy additional equipment for your character and even a new house. After this mission you will get 59 coins. Collect the coins to have greater ease during the game, you can get more by completing missions, attacking the mafia, doing business in the game, being green, harvesting and in PVP events.

If you are new to this game, it may be difficult for you to learn a few things, so it is recommended that you do a little research and look for a basic guide for New World .

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