How to use 3D on Google Maps?

If you want to find a location you can do it very easily in Google Maps, here they will provide you with a map in which the information you want will be expressed, if you need a more specific map, you must place the function in 3D and you will have the information more exact, then we will tell you how to activate this option.

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  1. What are the steps to activate the 3D in the directions of your Google Maps?
    1. From your mobile
    2. On your computer
  2. How to know if your Google Maps was activated in the 3D function for your directions?
    1. Refresh your Google Maps
  3. Why can’t you activate or use 3D in your Google Maps addresses?

What are the steps to activate the 3D in the directions of your Google Maps?

Downloading maps in Google Maps is only one of its functions, this tool from Google itself allows its users to find specific addresses so that they do not get lost, it will provide you with a map in which it is specified where the place you are looking is located, to To use it, you just have to enter Google and enter a place , it will immediately provide you with a location, it is very simple.

Today, Google has made a modification in these maps that your search engine will provide you, you can already get 3D views of them, helping you to obtain a more efficient and detailed location, you can acquire this function as follows according to your device.

From your mobile

When looking for a location it is always necessary that they be the most specific maps possible , that is why the best way to observe a location is using Google Maps in 3D, so that your search engine offers you these types of maps when you enter a location from your mobile, this is the way to do it:

  1. Enter your device in the Google Maps App.
  2. Now go to your search engine and place the location you want to find, you have to be specific if you want the result to be perfect.
  3. Click on the Directions that it will offer you.
  4. Next, you will find an option that will have a box icon, click on it.
  5. When entering this box, you will be able to obtain many options which you can do with your Map, in this case you will have to press in 3D. Here you will also have the option of 2D.

On your computer

If you want to find the location you need, from your computer it will be just as easy as on your mobile, you just have to have an internet connection, if you don’t walk around it will be impossible, since without a network connection you are only allowed to find a location with Google Maps by means of a telephone device . To acquire this information from your PC you have to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter your computer.
  2. Look for the application on it, from Google Maps. When you find it, press on it to enter.
  3. Then go to the search engine that the App offers you.
  4. You must enter the name of the location to be found, you have to be exact, since with a single name you can show many results, try to place place, country, state, all the information you have regarding the place you want the location.
  5. Now when you leave your location, go to it and you will see that it appears in a not so specific way, since it is in 2D. To take it to 3D, you must click on Directions.
  6. When you are in directions, click on the option that has a box as an icon, here you will be entering the settings.
  7. Then, go to press where it says 3D and voila, you will be able to see your map in a higher and specific dimension. To place it in 2D you can do the same procedure.

How to know if your Google Maps was activated in the 3D function for your directions?

If you need to know if Google Maps is activated in order to start using it, you can do it in the following way, it is very simple and easy:

Refresh your Google Maps

You will have to reload the page and search for the location again in order to refresh your Map , this can be done by deleting your search and placing the address again, so you will know if your 3D activation worked.

Why can’t you activate or use 3D in your Google Maps addresses?

If you have done all the steps to access the 3D option and you did not have results, it is due to some problem with the action carried out, these are some of the problems that could happen to you:

  • Outdated application: If you want to have the 3D option you have to have the latest version of Google Maps, as you do not have the new version of this, the one you have will not work successfully, that is why it is recommended to be pending updates so as not to have problems with your searches. To update it you can follow the following steps:
    1. Enter your Google Play.
    2. Now go to your profile, which is at the top of the page.
    3. Go to My applications.
    4. Now go to Available Updates.
    5. Here you will see all the applications with available updates, look for Google Maps.
    6. Now give it to update, ready when your download is complete you will have it perfect to use.
  • You have a very old operating system:This update of Google Maps is only possible for devices with advanced versions, if you have a very old Android it will not be possible to see maps in 3D.
  • You do not have an internet connection:This can also be an option whereby you cannot activate the 3D version in your maps, since to acquire this, you need to have some connection to the internet, to see if you have this follow the following steps :
    • By connection to wifi:
      1. Go to settings,
      2. then to the WIFI option.
      3. Now here you can see if the network that is connected has access to the internet.
    • By mobile data:In your notification bar at the top of the screen it will be indicated if you have an internet connection, this will be opposite to the signal bar.
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