How to update Boom Beach easily? How often does an update come out?

Boom Beach is the new strategy game for mobile devices developed by Supercell, the same company that developed both Clash Royal and Hay Day. Like its predecessors, it is widely received and criticized internationally. So it has been improved over time, being essential to learn to update Boom Beach easily.

How to Update Boom Beach Easily? How often does an update come out?

It has a gameplay similar to Clash Royal having to place, organize and defend your base . As the title progresses, the player will have the ability to upgrade the base and unlock additional new tools to increase their power.

Hence the importance of always looking for future game updates. Which in turn makes it important to look for a Boom Beach tutorial guide for newbies (so you don’t miss out on all the new content).

Description of the game and reasons to know how to update Boom Beach easily

It is an online game launched for both iOS and Android (you can download them from their stores such as PlayStore ) first in a limited way in 2013 and then to public download. It is of a warlike and strategic nature, where the enemy is some other player, or also a bot from the same game.

In short, this is a game with a wide scope. Not only does it focus on facing each other at a certain moment, but it also generates difficulties that add alternatives so as not to fall into monotony. The player faces a common antagonist known as ‘ The Dark Guard’.

The Dark Guard is represented or commanded mostly by a high ranking military man known as ‘ Hammerman’ . With each update, the game brings flashy new features that capture the attention of users, hence Boom Beach always appears in the Top 10 in at least 22 countries.

If you learn how to upgrade Boom Beach easily, you won’t be lagging behind Hammerman. On the contrary, even if the enemy gets stronger, you will also do it without any problem, without neglecting the other in front of other users.

It has a ‘cooperative mode’ where players collect military information, vital and necessary to later attack bases generated by the system in Task Force Attack.

Step by step to carry out a successful update

It is important to emphasize that generally updates are released each time a major event approaches. Or if it is necessary to apply an improvement suggested by the community of gamers itself.

Also, the game has its foundations in the fact of having to collect material resources such as gold, stone and even iron in order to grow. Each new update of the platform offers new ways to opt for them, becoming easier and easier or adding some other event to avoid cheating .

In the case of Android, how to update Boom Beach easily, is as the question indicates, a simple event that anyone can do. Enter the ‘ Google Play Store’ and in the search engine, type the name of the game until you find it.

When the Play Store interface immediately shows the options and there is an update available, simply press ‘ Update’ to start the process which normally will not take too long.

For iPhone or iPad, the answer to how to update Boom Beach easily is at your fingertips. Suffice it to enter the ‘ iTunes Store’  or ‘ App Store’  according to the device you have and look for the name of the game.

As in its counterpart, press ‘ Update’  and wait for the process to be completed successfully to enjoy all the improvements. The Supercell support platform does not clarify exactly how often an update is available; However, it invites its users to be patient and to urge them to always be attentive to its official channels on social networks.

Remember that you can also download and install Boom Beach on your Windows PC or Mac , in case you prefer to play outside of your phone. This will not affect anything, since it will be the same game and you can in the same way attack and face other players , even if they are on mobile


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