How to destroy all Hammerman bases (headquarters) in Boom Beach

Detailed instructions for destroying all 10 Hammerman headquarters in the mobile game Boom Beach

Below we will tell you how to destroy all the headquarters of Lieutenant of the Guardians of Darkness Hammerman in Boom Beach .

Hammerman Headquarters 1, Level 10

Army : 15 shooters.

Land your troops in the extreme right position.

Immediately throw a flare to the right of the second row of mines. Some mines from the first row will still be spotted and will damage a number of your troops, but this will not be a serious problem.

Use the second flare to the right of the vault (shelter). Let the arrows destroy it, due to which you will have even more battle points for using flares.

When the shelter is destroyed, then use the flares to move the shooters directly over the headquarters. Some units will be destroyed by the mortar and the MMG 9000 machine gun. But a few shooters will get there and destroy the headquarters.

It would be wise to wait with the destruction of Hammerman’s headquarters until you unlock the stone or iron. That is, if you have enough patience! If you destroy Hammerman before unlocking these resources, then you miss the chance to get good loot.

Hammerman Headquarters 2, Level 20

Army : 15 Bazookas and 4 Mountains.

Drop off your troops in the lower left corner of the island. First the Mountains, and then the Bazookas.

First, try to destroy the lower triangle with machine guns.

Once destroyed, use the flare to attack the MMG 9000 machine guns, one at a time.

When both machine guns are destroyed, then throw a signal flare at the headquarters. Your Mountains will be attacked and possibly even destroyed by cannons, but the Bazookas will leave the range and deal with the headquarters.

Hammerman Headquarters 3, Level 25

Army : 15 Warriors.

Land your troops in the extreme right position.

Immediately throw the signal flare at the sniper tower. When the warriors attack her, then use the first aid kit to restore their HP.

When the sniper tower is destroyed, then throw a signal flare at the headquarters so that your warriors rush past the flamethrowers.

As soon as the soldiers attack the headquarters, the mortar will destroy some of them, but some will still have time to destroy the Hammerman base.

Hammerman Headquarters 4, Level 30

Army : 18-24 Warriors of the third level.

Drop your troops in the upper left corner. Immediately throw the flare at the left flamethrower. Let the warriors destroy both flamethrowers.

Once they are destroyed, then use the flare on the boxes above. The warriors will begin to destroy them, and you can stock up on a decent amount of battle points to use the skills.

When the warriors have destroyed about half of the crates, use the shock round on the two sniper towers, the machine gun and the Boom cannon below.

As soon as the warriors destroy the third bunker, then throw a signal flare at the headquarters and place another shock projectile on two mortars, a cannon, two rocket launchers and a machine gun under the headquarters. Place the Shock Bullet right in the middle between the Cannon and the Machine Gun to trap all six defensive weapons.

Use the Shock Projectile on these structures three times to get enough time to destroy the headquarters.

Hammerman Headquarters 5, Level 35

Army : 20 warriors of the fourth level.

Unload your troops at the center of the small beach on the right side of the island. Use two shock shells to disarm the cannon and flamethrower on the left, and the cannon and flamethrower on the right.

As soon as the flamethrowers are destroyed, and your warriors go to the cannons, then throw another shock bomb on the medium rocket launcher, which will disarm all three defensive weapons.

Next, your soldiers will begin to attack the headquarters. Apply the first aid kit immediately when they do. When the effect of the first first aid kit ends, then immediately throw the second one. This will allow the warriors to completely destroy the headquarters.

Hammerman Headquarters 6, Level 40

Army : 30 warriors of the fifth level.

Use barrage to destroy the first six missile mines to the left of the barrels. Use artillery if one of these six mines is not destroyed.

Unload troops in the extreme right position. As soon as both sniper towers are destroyed, then apply a shock shell to the mortar.

When the warriors destroy all the barrels, then use the signal flare at the headquarters. Then use the Shock Bullet to disarm the Boom Cannon and both weapons below. When your warriors start attacking the headquarters, then use another shock shell on the sniper towers. Although it may not be required!

Hammerman Headquarters 7, Level 45

Army : 30 soldiers of the seventh level.

There are three rocket launchers in the headquarters. Use the shelling on the rightmost rocket launcher, as well as another one at the headquarters. Use the signal flare as far away from the trees as possible, and when your troops are in place, then throw another flare above the cliff.

Use a shock round to temporarily disable three rocket launchers immediately after they start attacking your troops. Then use the flare on the headquarters. This should be enough to destroy Hammerman’s headquarters, but if you have any energy left, you can drop a first aid kit or another shock round on the MMG 9000 machine gun on the troops.

Hammerman Headquarters 8, Level 50

Army : 40 warriors, level 13.

If possible, increase the level of some statues, including damage, troop health and gunboat energy. You must clear the area from several mines before landing the warriors coming from the top right. Use the shelling to the right and left of the headquarters.

Also use artillery on the mine, which is to the right of the Boom cannon. Several mines should explode. Unload troops in the extreme right position. Place the flare in the upper right corner.

Use the smoke screen twice to prevent your warriors from getting hurt. When the warriors arrive at the signal flare, then use another, but this time on the headquarters.

Drop a smoke screen near the Boom cannon and one near the headquarters. Then use the first aid kit on your soldiers who surrounded the headquarters. Also use the shock bomb to the right or left of the MMG 9000 machine gun, which will disarm it, as well as a flamethrower and two guns. The headquarters should soon be completely destroyed.

Hammerman Headquarters 9, Level 55

Army : 54 warriors, level 18.

Drop your troops in front of the machine gun. Use the signal flare on the first machine gun and immediately use the smoke screen in the same place. Then use the second flare on the last machine gun. Throw smoke in the middle and another one on the last machine gun, thereby creating a safe passage for your own troops.

Some warriors will be wounded by a number of mines, but this should not be a major problem. When all the warriors get to the last machine gun, then use the rocket to the headquarters. Apply multiple smokescreens by placing one or two near the headquarters.

Drop first aid kits on the soldiers surrounding the headquarters to heal them. When the smoke screen ceases to work, then use the shock shell to neutralize the MMG 9000 machine gun and buildings nearby. Throw a projectile at the Boom cannon and the other at the super mortar and buildings on the right. This will give the soldiers time to destroy the headquarters.

Hammerman Headquarters 10, Level 60

Army : 56 warriors, level 18.

Use shelling to destroy all the mines in the far right corner and thus clear the way for the warriors. Unload your troops in the extreme right position. Use the flare on the right mortar. Be sure to apply multiple smoke screens along the way to hide your army from enemy guns.

Then use the bombardment to clear the mines near the right MMG 9000 machine gun. When your warriors come to the mortar, then use the signal flare on the MMG 9000. In parallel, use the smoke again to protect the troops. Throw other smoke directly to the machine gun.

From MMG 9000, you need to follow to the headquarters, using all the same tactics. Apply the smoke screens and place one near the headquarters. Also, don’t forget to drop the first aid kit to heal the warriors. When the smoke screen disappears, then apply a shock projectile to two super-mortars. If you have a little energy left, then throw a shock projectile also at the MMG 9000 machine gun. The warriors should have enough time to destroy Hammerman’s last headquarters.

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