How to unlock all achievements in Raft

We tell you how to get all the achievements in survival on the high seas

Survival Raft has been in development for a long time, so it is not surprising that the game has accumulated a huge number of achievements by this point. Getting them is not an easy task even for the most experienced rafters. Most of the achievements are still not translated into Russian, so their names in the article remained original. For convenience, they are all divided into several categories.


First, let’s list all these achievements:

  • It’s better without the salt.
  • Dinnertime!
  • Aye Aye Captain!
  • Hoarder!
  • Farmer!
  • Beginner Builder!
  • Intermediate Builder!
  • Expert Builder!
  • Plumber Power!
  • Bee Keeper!

How to get all achievements, achievements and trophies in Raft

All of them can be obtained during the development of the storyline. Achievement “Farmer!” can be obtained from a crop plot of any size. Foundations laid in creative mode are not eligible for the achievement, but one strategy is to build a foundation and then immediately remove it to restore 50% of the materials used. The meaning, I think, is clear.

The Real Fireworks achievement is quite simple: the player must build and fire a firework.

How to get all achievements, achievements and trophies in Raft


The achievements of the researcher are based on search and various discoveries. It can be a place or notes related to a particular region.

Let’s list all the achievements:

  • Large landmass ahoy!
  • Bootleg Fireworks!
  • Radio Tower Historian!
  • Vasagatan Historian!
  • Balboa Historian!
  • Caravan Town Historian!
  • Tangaroa Historian!
  • Pling!
  • Tiny Little Murderer
  • A Revelation!
  • Fix Errol!
  • Beginner Excavator!
  • Intermediate Excavator!
  • Expert Excavator!
  • Launch Initiated!

How to get all achievements, achievements and trophies in Raft

Some of these achievements can be obtained through the storyline. This applies to the Large landmass ahoy and Bootleg Fireworks achievements. Achievements in the category “Historian” (Historian) are associated with the search for all the notes in the plot locations – the Radio Tower, “Vasagatan”, Balboa Island, in the Caravan Town, on Tangaroa and so on. So, you can find 5 notes on the Radio Tower, 13 on the Vasagatan Yacht, 13 on Balboa Island, 10 on the Caravan Town and 10 on Tangaroa. The Pling, Tiny Little Murderer, A Revelation, and Fix Errol achievements can be unlocked on Balboa Island, all of which involve reaching certain areas and getting all the secrets.

The Expert Excavator achievement will be unlocked after you dig a total of 50 treasures. The easiest way to do this is to travel between islands that emit radio signals. These are either large tropical islands or islands in an evergreen biome. On each such island there are 1-3 places with buried treasures. While traveling from one island to a large one, you can also visit small islands.

How to get all achievements, achievements and trophies in Raft


  • Beginner Longevity!
  • Advanced Longevity!
  • Survival Expert!
  • Longevity Master!

It will take a lot of time to get all these achievements: most of them are associated with dozens of hours spent in the game. As a last resort, you can just fire up Raft and go about your business. Be sure to select a game mode in which your character will be respawned.


  • Novice Collector!
  • Advanced Collector!
  • Collection Expert!

How to get all achievements, achievements and trophies in Raft

In total, there are three achievements in Raft related to gathering (catching resources with a hook). You can skip around the bush and use the full inventory mechanic. Thanks to this, in less than 10 minutes you can get an achievement related to catching 5000 items. To do this, fill your inventory with several stacks of items that you can get from the sea. Find two stacks of other random items and add them to your inventory. Arrange these two piles so that there is no room left in the inventory.

Stand on the edge of the raft, right click and throw a stack of more items into the ocean. Do this with two stacks of resources, and spread the third into all the empty slots. Since your inventory is full, when you try to fish items out of the ocean, you will first pick them up and then automatically drop them into the water. Repeat actions, thereby increasing the number of discarded items. Eventually, there will be over 100 items floating in the ocean. Keep drawing them until you have enough to unlock achievements.

How to get all achievements, achievements and trophies in Raft

Coloring and decorations

  • Aspiring Artist!
  • Advanced Artist!
  • Expert artist!

Painting blocks will allow you to get three achievements. You can’t do this in creative mode. Build multiple blocks and paint them any color on easy, normal or hard. When you’re done, choose a different color and repeat the coloring. Continue until 1000 blocks have been painted.

catching animals

The following achievements are associated with this achievement:

  • Beginner Wrangler!
  • Intermediate Wrangler!
  • Expert Wrangler!
  • Some Look Different!
  • Beginner Bee-nevolent!
  • Intermediate Bee-nevolent!
  • Expert Bee-nevolent!

How to get all achievements, achievements and trophies in Raft

Finding and trapping pets can be time consuming, as the player must collect enough explosive powder to create ammo for the net launcher. A total of 50 Net Launcher projectiles are required to complete all Animal Capture achievements. But you can use an exploit that speeds up the process: catch a pet on the Big Island, bring it to the raft and catch the same creature several times.

The Some Look Different achievement can be obtained by capturing a rare animal. 12% of the animals are of the rare type (8% Type 1, 4% Type 2). You will not be able to speed up this achievement. However, you have a 72% chance of unlocking this achievement by earning the Intermediate Wrangler achievement, and a 99.8% chance of unlocking the Expert Wrangler trophy. As long as you don’t use an exploit.

How to get all achievements, achievements and trophies in Raft

You can find bee swarms in the Evergreen biome, although it is much better to catch bees on ordinary islands.


By hunting animals, you can get the following achievements:

  • Beginner Shark Hunter!
  • Intermediate Shark Hunter!
  • Expert Shark Hunter!
  • Beginner Bird Hunter!
  • Intermediate Bird Hunter!
  • Expert Bird Hunter!
  • Beginner Poison-Puffer Hunter!
  • Intermediate Poison-Puffer Hunter!
  • Expert Poison-Puffer Hunter!
  • Beginner Screecher Hunter!
  • Intermediate Screecher Hunter!
  • Expert Screecher Hunter!
  • Beginner Warthog Hunter!
  • Intermediate Warthog Hunter!
  • Expert Warthog Hunter!
  • Beginner Lurker Hunter!
  • Intermediate Lurker Hunter!
  • Expert Lurker Hunter!
  • Beginner Bear Hunter!
  • Intermediate Bear Hunter!
  • Expert Bear Hunter!
  • Mother Lode!
  • Beginner Disruptor!
  • Intermediate Disruptor!
  • Expert Disruptor!

To speed up these achievements, before killing the mob, save the game. Kill the enemy, reload and repeat the steps. This will bypass the animal respawn cooldown. For all these achievements, each kill will be counted. If you wish to act honestly, please read the individual instructions below for each animal.

A shark

In the normal game mode, there will be only one shark near the raft. Kill her every time she appears near you. This is the fastest way to get the achievement. On hard difficulty, several sharks may spawn near the raft. On the other hand, on this difficulty you deal less damage, so it will be difficult to kill several sharks at once. Using Metal Arrows and a Basic Bow – The fastest way to kill a shark is with a regular bow and metal arrows. Each arrow hit causes the shark to stop chewing on the raft.

How to get all achievements, achievements and trophies in Raft

seagull (bird)

Dealing with a seagull is quite simple, but it can take some time to find it. The easiest way to kill this bird is to plant some kind of crop and put a scarecrow nearby. The seagull will attack the scarecrow, and the player will hear a beep. It remains to run up to the seagull and hit it with a metal spear or shoot it with an ordinary bow. An alternative option is to install a bird’s nest, but in this case you will not receive any signals that the seagull is in the nest. You will have to independently check all the built nests from time to time.


Several pufferfish live in the depths of the Caravan Town at once. Dive deep and look for these fish near the air pockets and pipes that go to the bottom from the pump bike all the way to the bottom container. After a while, poisonous fish are reborn, so it will not be difficult for you to quickly earn an achievement.

How to get all achievements, achievements and trophies in Raft


The crackling is an animal that travels alone. Doesn’t respawn. Therefore, the process of getting the achievement for 50 kills of a cracker is quite complicated. The easiest way to get the achievement is to save before killing the cracker, kill the animal, reload and repeat the action. Be careful and don’t save after killing the beast. You should save near the place where the cracker is located, although it is advisable to be on a raft. It is best to use a regular bow against him.


Like crackers, pigs don’t respawn, but you can also quickly rack up the kills you need using the save exploit. Killing a pig is quite simple – pick up a metal spear and jump off a cliff. To do this, lure the enemy to the wall, wait for the pig to launch a charged attack, and jump onto the wall before it gets to you. The pig will not be able to jump onto the wall, but you will be able to reach it with your long spear. Just be careful not to accidentally fall down to the pig.


The rat achievement can be obtained by visiting the Vasagatan boat. There are hiders in almost all parts of the yacht. Fortunately, they have little health, and they constantly respawn (just go down or up to another floor and come back). Three Lurkers can be found at once on the balcony overlooking the bar and dance floor, as well as in the next room with a projector.

How to get all achievements, achievements and trophies in Raft

Lurkers have 6 HP, so three hits with a metal spear are enough to kill them. Thus, to get all the achievements, you will have to deal a total of 150 hits. This can be done with four spears.

The Bears

As with Lurkers, Bears are respawnable creatures. Head to Balboa Island and walk between Henry’s shop and the nearest beehive area – you’ll get the required 50 kills very soon. Bears respawn every 3 minutes after they die. So you don’t need any exploits: just kill any bear, deal with the other one and wait 2 minutes before returning to the first one.

Bears can be killed with a metal spear, machete, or regular bow. Since the bear has 20 HP, try to shoot 7-8 metal arrows at him and then quickly collect them before they have time to disappear. Also, another effective tactic is to circle around the bear with a melee weapon.


This is a very strong opponent, so we recommend using ranged weapons to kill the she-bear. Attack her while standing on the ledge next to the berry feeder.

How to get all achievements, achievements and trophies in Raft

Butler bots

The butler bot is found on Tangaroa and does not die. Use a spear or machete and dodge in a timely manner.


  • Beginner Ziponaut!
  • Intermediate Ziponaut!
  • Expert Ziponaut!
  • Zip Zap!

Three of the four achievements are related to overcoming distances of 100, 500 and 1500 meters on tight cables. There are such cables in the Caravan Town, although you can also place them on your raft. To increase efficiency, build high stairs and try to create the longest cable cars.

To get the Zip Zap achievement, you must walk 50 meters on a tightrope. The easiest way is to install such a cable car on your raft. You need to stretch a cable 51 blocks long (because the latter can be destroyed by a shark).

Other achievements

Visit the Raft Discord channel to find people for the Teamplay multiplayer achievement!

How to get all achievements, achievements and trophies in Raft

To unlock the A More Complex Concoction achievement, you don’t even need to find a recipe in the game. You can make your own vegetable soup without knowing the recipe. To do this, you will need beets or potatoes (4 pieces).

Achievements from the Sender category are related to finding vending machine tokens in Tangaroa, Temperance and Utopia. Then you must use them on the vending machines in the respective locations. To get the “Big Spender” achievement, you need to spend 30 tokens, which means that you can get this achievement within one visit to Tangaroa, where 33 tokens are hidden.

Is there a Utopia – Collect all the notes on top of the radio tower. To get to the tower, it is enough to install and use the receiver and three antennas.

This goes here – you need to build and destroy 100 blocks. Use an ax for this.

Exploring the depths – you need to dive to a depth of more than 100 meters. Use fins and an oxygen tank.

How to get all achievements, achievements and trophies in Raft

Achievements Not a great landing and O Captain! My Captain!? Knitted with the search for rare islands. Whenever a small island appears in the game, there is a 2% chance that it will be one of those that you need for the achievement. You need to find a plane or a boat located on such an island. To increase the chance of getting to these islands, we recommend that you start a new game in Easy Mode. Story and large islands will not appear until you visit the radio tower. Only small islands, which will increase the likelihood of hitting the right place. Until you get these achievements, avoid building the receiver, as finding the radio tower will cause large islands to appear.

An Ocean Cemetery – You need to die 25 times. You can use a new save.

Artistic Collection – you need to find 8 paintings of the developer and hang them on the wall. All paintings can be found through the treasure hunt menu, and the probability of them falling out is very small.

Former Glory – Collect all four pieces of Tiki during a treasure hunt. In addition, in order to get a proper Tiki pole, you must properly place these four parts on top of each other. After that, the Tiki Mask will appear and you will unlock the achievement. Looking at the drop rates of these pieces, you will need to collect approximately 111 treasures (98 treasures after the first piece is found, 80 after two, and 53 after three). Unlike developer art, Tiki parts are pre-generated, meaning you can’t use a save and reload exploit.

How to get all achievements, achievements and trophies in Raft

Instrumentalist – you need to play the piano. It can be purchased from Tangaroa vending machines for 8 tokens.

You Should Not Be Here – You need to go up to the 20th floor on Tangaroa. To do this, you need to press a hidden button inside the elevator on the plantation. Once inside the elevator, look for the small round button on the top left of the door frame and press it.

Boxed In – can be unlocked in the cargo hold by visiting a hidden room right under the crane. To do this, go through the boxes or revisit the room when it is flooded with water, and then move the box right in front of the door.

The Renovator – You need to unlock all crafting recipes from packages that can be fished in barrels. There are 66 blueprints for crafting jewelry in total.


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