How to uninstall Microsoft Teams

Uninstalling Microsoft Teams from the computer or mobile is removing the application from the device to not use it anymore, but that does not mean that later you can reinstall it and log in with your account, in this way you can, for example, save space on disk.

It is easier to remove Microsoft Teams from your mobile than from your computer, because on mobile devices with a simple gesture you get rid of the application forever or temporarily since you can reinstall it later by downloading it again from the store.

Next, we are going to teach you some methods to uninstall Microsoft Team s if you have it installed on Windows and also on mobile phones. Of course, keep in mind that, if you definitely stop using this service, it is best to unsubscribe from Microsoft Teams forever.

Through adding or removing programs

The traditional method to remove Microsoft Teams from Windows is through the add or remove programs utility that Windows 10 already includes. It is an uninstall of programs that you must use in this way to remove this program:

  • Press the Windows + Q key combination, type “add or remove programs” and enter that option.
  • Scroll down the program list and fix your attention on Microsoft Teams, press it and then go to “uninstall” , you just have to follow the steps of the wizard to remove the software from your PC.

Using Revouninstaller

Revouninstaller is a more powerful uninstall of programs than that offered by Windows 10 itself through the option that we mentioned earlier, since it also removes traces of the utility in the registry, possible broken program shortcuts, etc.

Therefore, it is a very good option since it does clean your PC of any trace of Microsoft Teams or another program that you decide to uninstall. First of all, download Revouninstaller for Windows, you have the option of installation or portable mode:

  • Download Revouninstaller for Windows 10
  • Download Revouninstaller portable for Windows 10

Once you install this uninstall, the steps to follow are quite simple:

  • Run Revouninstaller and the first thing you will see is the list of programs you have installed, you just have to search for Microsoft Teams and right click / uninstaller .
  • A window will open in which you have to mark the option “advanced” and then “scan” . The wizard will continue showing you traces that remain after Teams is uninstalled and you will have to mark them all to remove it permanently.

With Geek Uninstaller

Geek Uninstaller is another very powerful uninstaller, in the style of Revouninstaller whose application is portable and you can take it anywhere. Like the previous utility, it not only deletes the program, but also removes any traces that it has left installed on your computer.

It is a free portable app that you can download from this link:

  • Download Geek Uninstaller for Windows 10

Now run it and follow these steps:

  • Find Microsoft Teams in the list of apps and right click / uninstall .
  • The uninstallation process will begin and in a few seconds a screen will appear to eliminate remaining traces, therefore, click on “finish” and you’re done.

Geek Uninstaller is perhaps the most comfortable and fastest option of the three, although Revouninstaller is also a great option to uninstall programs from the PC, but Geek Uninstaller has the window that also allows you to remove applications that are already pre-installed in Windows 10 , such as Candy Crush, Xbox Game Center, etc.

Remove Microsoft Teams from Android

To uninstall Microsoft Teams from your Android phone, it would be enough to go to the application drawer and simply drag the utility to the top of the terminal, where a trash can would appear that would allow you to remove it from the device.

Uninstall Microsoft Teams from iPhone or iPad

If you have an iPhone or iPad, iOS allows you to easily remove Microsoft Teams or other applications by simply holding it down for a few seconds and then selecting “remove app”.

The utilities for PC and methods for the mobile to uninstall Microsoft Teams help you to also remove any other program you need, as they are not exclusive steps to remove this specific program, so you can apply it to anyone you have installed.

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