How to activate your video camera for meetings in Microsoft Teams?

You can activate the Microsoft Teams camera from the general settings of your mobile , to do so, enter the “Applications” section, and then enter Teams, locate the camera icon and proceed to activate it, the route is a little different according to to the phone model.

Once this is done, when you enter Microsoft Teams you will see the icon of the active camera, in which you can make video calls for meetings . Of course, each person can deactivate their Teams camera or microphone , for the purpose of privacy.

This application is widely used in companies, since it is used to send files, calls and video calls, it is also available for all types of devices regardless of the operating system, it is even possible to install Microsoft Teams on Ubuntu .

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  1. What steps do you have to follow to enable the camera in your Teams meetings?
    1. From the computer
    2. With your app
  2. What is the way to edit the background of your video in Microsoft Teams?
    1. In the app
    2. From PC
  3. How to rotate your camera recording in Microsoft Teams meeting?
    1. With the mobile
    2. When using the app
  4. How do you disable your device’s camera in Teams?
  5. Why does your device not allow to activate the camera and how to fix it?
    1. Check for updates
    2. Check if your camera is in use
    3. Make test calls
    4. Check your app’s permissions
    5. Check the function of the controllers

What steps do you have to follow to enable the camera in your Teams meetings?

Every application has a series of steps to follow, in order to change a configuration, activate or deactivate a function, in the case of Microsoft Teams you must do it from the device and not using the application interface . To do it you just have to:

From the computer

  1. Open your PC settings.
  2. Then click on “Privacy”.
  3. Choose the “Camera” option.
  4. Activate the camera for Microsoft Teams.

An important fact is that if the camera is already active, then deactivate and activate it again , it is recommended to restart the computer after this process.

With your app

There is still no setting to enable the camera from the app . But you can turn the camera on or off during a video call. In case you can’t, you have the possibility to enable the Microsoft Teams camera in the cell phone settings.

  1. Enter the “Settings” option from your mobile device.
  2. Tap on “Applications” and choose “Teams”.
  3. Make tag in “Camera” enable the camera and that’s it.

What is the way to edit the background of your video in Microsoft Teams?

If you want that in a video call it is not seen what appears behind your face , or the background where you are located, you have the option of blurring the environment and using an image that replaces it, you also have default backgrounds from Microsoft Teams.

It is important to know that when blurring or changing the background image, you may still not be able to avoid displaying confidential information . So to change the background of your video in Microsoft Teams you must:

In the app

  1. When configuring the aspects of the video call select “Background Effects”.
  2. In the options shown at the bottom choose “Blur”, in this way the face is highlighted and the environment is opaque.
  3. Change the then for a suggested image or click on plus (+) and upload an image from your gallery.
  4. Click on Check and you’re done.

Know that this change remains until it is changed . That is, even if you finish the video call, your configuration will be available for the next video.

From PC

  1. Before the video call, in the configuration section choose “Background Filters”.
  2. In the options shown on the right choose “Blur”.
  3. Select a background from the default ones or upload an image from your storage.
  4. Click on Check and you’re done.

It is important to know that you must use images in JPG or PNG format , if you want to use a personal one. Also your settings will be available for future video calls until it changes.

How to rotate your camera recording in Microsoft Teams meeting?

It is very easy to rotate your camera recording during a video call or meeting in Microsoft Teams since the option is activated when the meeting starts.

With the mobile

At the top of the phone you will see the icon to rotate the screen, the location changes a little according to the operating system that the user uses. But the icon is likewise a camera with arrows at the bottom .

When using the app

From the same Microsoft Teams interface when starting a meeting you must activate the camera. Doing so will show the icon to rotate the recording , right in the center of the screen, you can change the orientation of it as many times as you want.

How do you disable your device’s camera in Teams?

There are two ways to disable the camera in Microsoft Teams, the easiest way is to do it from the same application. In the course of the video call, tap on the record icon so that it is deactivated with a strikethrough and you’re done.

The other method is to disable the camera permission on your device for the Microsoft Teams app. To do so, you just have to follow the following steps:

  1. Enter your device’s settings.
  2. Go to the “applications” section and click on “Teams”.
  3. Where it says camera press and deactivate the permission.

Why does your device not allow to activate the camera and how to fix it?

There are several reasons to solve the problem that your device does not allow the camera to be activated , one is to log out of Microsoft Teams on the web and in the App, and then log in again. If this doesn’t fix the error:

Check for updates

Verify that you have the latest version of Windows or Mac, also that your installed Microsoft Teams application is the most recent. You can find this update in your Teams profile, you just have to click on “Check for updates” and that’s it.

Check if your camera is in use

You should check that your camera is not being used in the background by other applications. To do this, the following is recommended:

  • Close all applications that use camera such as: Facebook, Instagram, Skype, among others …
  • If you are using an external camera disconnect and reconnect after a few seconds.
  • The quickest and most practical solution is to reboot the device.

Make test calls

Microsoft Teams allows its users to make test calls in order to learn how to handle the interface or to verify that everything works correctly. To start a test meeting you just have to:

  1. Enter Microsoft Teams and go to “settings”.
  2. Click on the 3 dots to display more options.
  3. Then again in “Settings” and proceed to click on “Devices”.
  4. Click on “Make a test call” and you’re done.

Verify that everything is okay with the camera , microphone, speaker, and any hardware you want to check.

Check your app’s permissions

You may not have the computer’s permissions to use the camera in Microsoft Teams. To check that the permissions are enabled you just have to:

  1. Open your computer’s settings.
  2. Click on “Privacy” and then on “Webcam.”
  3. Enable the “Microsoft Teams” application and you’re done.

Check the function of the controllers

If your device does not activate the camera, it is recommended to check the function of the drivers , you can use the “Windows Update” tool and verify that you have all your drivers updated, or go to the “Device Manager” section and look for recent versions of directly on the internet.

If the camera does not work in Microsoft Teams after performing all the above checks, it is recommended to consult technical support for the purpose of fixing any errors related to the use of the camera.

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