How to delete Microsoft Teams files

Without a doubt, Teams has become a platform and a safe, stable and reliable tool for users who deign to use it.

However, as with many applications, this usually generates many files that, in the long run, are not necessary for us or for the storage of our devices . It is for this reason there is a whole guide on how to delete and recover files in Teams

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  1. What can you do to download the file before deleting it?
  2. This is the process to delete a file from Teams
  3. How do you delete an entire Teams file folder?
  4. What should you do if you want to recover chat files in the future?
  5. What’s the reason Teams won’t let you delete a file and how to fix it?

What can you do to download the file before deleting it?

The most recommended thing you can do is have the application downloaded on the computer or laptop of your choice and from there, download any type of file that you have in your Teams account .

It does not matter if it is a file that is in a channel or if it is a document that was sent through a message. You can even download files that have been stored in the OneDrive folder if you want.

To do this, you have to go to More options in the file you want to download and when the options menu is displayed, you will select Download. In case you want to see what files are in Teams, you have to go to the Files option.

On the left side of the application, access any of the files that are available. You need to know a little about the Teams interface, as this will make it easier for you to do all this and even be able to disable the camera and microphone in Teams .

This is the process to delete a file from Teams

The first thing to know and take into account is what type of files you want to delete, since a wide variety of information is stored in Teams. For example, you can delete the contact data you have stored, make a general deletion, delete specific files, delete polls, delete data from tasks done , among others.

In the event that you want to delete the data of your activity, you have to do the following:

  1. Go to the privacy page of your Microsoft account
  2. Now choose to login
  3. Find and choose the activity history option
  4. Here you have to look for Microsoft Teams and select Deleteso that all the data of the activity that you have generated so far is deleted.

Now, in case you want to delete data from contacts that are synchronized, you must follow the steps that we will mention below:

  1. Open the application or program and then click on the image that you have as a profile photo. In such a case that it does not appear, just click on the More button.
  2. Now select the Settingsoption and then People
  3. At this point, you just have to use the slider to be able to deactivate the synchronization option. Keep in mind that by doing this, synchronization will be disabled but all contacts will be registered.

Now, assuming you want to delete messages and multimedia elements from your chats, just do the following:

  1. Start by opening the app and then head to the chat you want to delete.
  2. Keep your finger on the chat until some options appear. In case you are doing it from the computer, press on the same chat with a right click and look at the options that will be shown to you.
  3. Now you have to select the delete messageoption and proceed to confirm the action you want to do.

With this deletion it is enough to delete both the chat and the multimedia files that have been sent. Keep in mind that just as you can do it in Windows, you can do this whole process if you install Microsoft Teams in Ubuntu .

How do you delete an entire Teams file folder?

You only have to:

  1. Open the OneDrive application on your computer or phone or choose the web version
  2. Once you have logged in, you must go to the Microsoft Teams Chat Filesfolder
  3. Now you just have to select the file or folder you want to delete from your account and press delete

What should you do if you want to recover chat files in the future?

To recover a deleted file on OneDrive , you just have to:

  1. Enter the corresponding application by any means and click on Files. This option is on the left side of Teams. When you find it, click on OneDrive
  2. Now open OneDrive, this can be done from the top (if you are from the web version).
  3. Now you have to search the recycle binand select the file or folder that you want to recover.
  4. You proceed with giving Restore thanks to a button at the top of the page and that’s it.

What’s the reason Teams won’t let you delete a file and how to fix it?

There is a considerable possibility that when trying to delete a file or folder in Teams , the platform will not allow it. This can be due to the following reasons or causes:

  1. The program is open on another device, so it is best to log out of that device .
  2. Windows SharePoint Services usually places a write lock on the document that you are trying to delete. Therefore, it will be necessary to wait a variable time for this lock to end.
  3. The browser you are using does not have the necessary characteristics to use all the functions of this platform or there may be a privacy problem that does not allow you to delete it. We recommend the following:
    1. Use a fast-loading browser
    2. Use a quality VPN
    3. Keep virus security active
  4. The cache and cookies stored in the browser are causing the necessary operation to not proceed. So it is advisable to delete both types of information.

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