How to unblock someone from Twitter Spaces?

Twitter spaces are new rooms in which people come together to interact through audios. However, some people are a bit annoying or offensive in such messages so a block is applied to them. On some occasions, the administrators or creators of the rooms change their mind and want to unblock this person to give them a second chance. So, in this article we will explain how to unblock someone from Twitter Spaces, we will also see the process to create one of these rooms in this social network.

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  1. What are the steps to unblock a person from an audio room?
  2. Where do you create a ‘Space’ on Twitter?
  3. Who can enter a user’s Space?
  4. How can you enter a room on this social network?
  5. Why can’t a person create Twitter spaces?

What are the steps to unblock a person from an audio room?

If you have blocked a person or someone has applied a block to your account, you should not worry, as this is a reversible process . To trigger a blocking of a user of this social network, you have to go to your Twitter account and from there, it is necessary to enter the account settings or settings.

You must click on the bars found in the left corner of the screen. Then, a menu opens with different options, among which you have to press settings and privacy to enter that section. There, new options will appear so you should look for the one that says privacy and security.

The next option is Blocked accounts, where you must enter to see a list of people or users you have blocked. Next to the user’s name, the blocked button appears in red , so you must click on that button to lift the block and that person can communicate with you again.

Where do you create a ‘Space’ on Twitter?

Twitter has provided a new feature so that people can interact in a better way. In this sense, you can access the Twitter spaces , which are lists with little privacy  in which you can communicate with your friends using audios. Let’s see how you can create one of these spaces on your Twitter account.

From the beginning of your account, you have to click on tweet creator to open the options. In them you will find the new option for spaces, which is a button with diamond symbols on it. So you have to click on it and automatically you become a space administrator. Then you can give the space a name and start interacting.

However, to create a space you must have the Twitter application on an Android or iOS phone. Since the option of creating spaces is not yet available in the web service of this social network. Although it is expected that they will update the platform soon and add this feature.

Who can enter a user’s Space?

The spaces that are created on Twitter are public so anyone can enter it , including users who are not followers of your account. Although you can also invite the people you want to be your friends who enter your room to speak through audios.

How can you enter a room on this social network?

Inside the space there is a link that can be shared so that other people can join the group. So any member can invite other people to enter through this method. These invitations come through direct messages from Twitter, but you can also see links to these rooms in the timelines of other users when they retweet posts with links to a room.

If you want to enter a space or room but don’t know how to do it, you can search the profile of the accounts you follow. Since if these people are within a room or space, this will be reflected in their chronology. So you just have to click on said room and press the enter button to first participate as a listener until they accept you and you can send audios like the other members. If you want to know more about how Twitter spaces work, you can search the frequently asked questions of this social network regarding this topic.

Why can’t a person create Twitter spaces?

People who cannot create a space within Twitter do not have a flaw in their account. But, this means that they do not have the function of performing this action on your device . In this sense, these users may use the web version of the social network Twitter, which does not yet have this function.

Therefore, if you want to create an account, you must use the Twitter application from an Android or IOS device. No other device supports this function yet, since this is a new feature of this social network that is slowly gaining popularity and more users are using it to add audios to their Twitter conversations.

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