How to unblock someone from your Wallapop account

Wallapop is a network or application that allows people to offer services and articles. In this way, in this app you can find a large number of items to buy through a chat window. As in all social networks, there is never a user missing who just wants to disturb or sabotage the buying and selling process.

For this reason, many users are blocked by the people who sell their products, in order not to bother them anymore. However, some change their mind and seek to enable them again. So, here we will explain how to unblock someone from your Wallapop account as well as some features that don’t take away from you when you’ve been blocked.

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  1. What is the way to see all the blocked users of your account in Wallapop?
  2. What steps do you have to follow to unblock a person on Wallapop?
  3. What are the actions that the user will be able to perform when you remove it from this list?
    1. Send you private texts
    2. Look at your posts

What is the way to see all the blocked users of your account in Wallapop?

In Wallapop there is still no list of blocked users within your profile as in other social networks such as Instagram or Facebook. So there is nowhere to go to see all the users that you have blocked from your Wallapop account. Therefore, you must appeal to memory to remember who you have blocked to apply an unlock.

It is recommended to note in a notebook or sheet the name of the blocked users so as not to forget them. In this way, when you want to unblock one of these users, you just have to look at your physical list and then search for the person. Likewise, it is advisable to always log out of Wallapop to maintain the security of your account.

What steps do you have to follow to unblock a person on Wallapop?

When a user is blocked or unblocked in Wallapop, he does not know because he does not receive any notification from the application. So you can perform the following procedure without any inconvenience. To begin, you must have the Wallapop application downloaded on your mobile or on a computer.

Subsequently, you have to enter the Wallapop account from where you want to unblock the user who previously seemed annoying to you. Then, you must search for the profile of said user to proceed to unblock it. You can search for the profile through the application’s search engine or through the conversation they have had before.

If you use a device with an iOS operating system, when you enter the profile, you will immediately notice the option to unlock user. Whereas, if you use an Android device, next to the name of the person you must display the menu of the three bars. There, you will see the option that says unlock and you must click on it.

What are the actions that the user will be able to perform when you remove it from this list?

There are certain actions that cannot be done or some features that no longer appear when you have been blocked by a user on Wallapop. For example, when you send a message being blocked by another follower, the double blue check mark will not appear when the message has been viewed. Although there are other actions that you can perform, such as sending private messages or looking at the publications, let’s see these actions in more detail.

Send you private texts

One of the actions that you can still perform when you have been blocked by a user is to send private messages, although these will not be read if you start the conversation. Likewise, you can receive a message from the person who blocked you in this sales network. Therefore, there can still be a small interaction between both people as long as the user who has blocked wants.

In this sense , the sending of messages is limited when one of the people is blocked by the other user. That is, the process of buying and selling items on Wallapop between both users is impossible unless the lock is lifted. These messages seek the reconciliation of the relationship and seek to remove the blockade made.

Look at your posts

Another of the actions that are not limited when a Wallapop user is blocked is the display of the publications made. In this order of ideas, despite having been blocked, you can see all the publications that the person who has blocked you makes on their Wallapop profile.

Therefore, you will be aware of all the articles that this user offers for sale on this page or application, since you will see the publication made, with the price and description of the article as in any other publication of another user. However, you cannot make an offer to buy that item. Since your interaction actions with that profile or account will be limited.

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