How to unblock a user on Wallapop

All commercial or social apps have certain community rules that must be adhered to and also feature the blocking feature of some users . Such a feature allows all users the opportunity to free themselves from how annoying a person can be within the Network.

In the Wallapop Network there is the possibility of blocking and unblocking users whenever the need arises. Blocking a person is easy, but what about the times you want to unblock a person within Wallapop? Next, we will show you how to unblock anyone within Wallapop , how to see the list of those users that you have restricted and also which functions will be re-enabled after removing the restriction from a certain person within Wallapop.

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  1. Where can you see which users are blocked in Wallapop?
  2. How can you delete someone from your Wallapop block?
  3. What actions will the user be able to take after you unlock it?
    1. Write you by private message
    2. View your posts

Where can you see which users are blocked in Wallapop?

The Wallapop Network does not currently provide you with an exclusive section in which you can view all the people you previously blocked . However, to date there is still nothing similar, but in future updates that give it to the Wallapop network, maybe add a section to see the list of people restricted by you.

The only way to remove the restriction from a Wallapop Network user is by looking for the conversation you have with him and then doing a couple of things. It should be noted that in addition to blocking and unblocking Wallapop users, you can also delete ads that you no longer need to be published.

How can you delete someone from your Wallapop block?

When you want to remove the restriction from a person within the Wallapop Commerce Network , you must carefully follow each of the indications that we will show you shortly:

  1. Enter your Wallapop username from the device you have in your hands by entering the app or else on the Wallapop website .
  2. Once the session of your Wallapop user is open, go to the section of the conversations that the Wallapop Network brings and look for the conversation you have with the blocked user
  3. When you find this chat, click on the ‘More options’ icon, which is the icon with the 3 dots, then click on ‘Unblock (Allow)’

In case you didn’t know, there is a way to know when a user of the Wallapop Network has blocked you and there is a possibility of getting you unblocked. Also, to best protect your Red Wallapop user , you can change your password .

What actions will the user be able to take after you unlock it?

When you restrict someone on the Wallapop Network, you will lose certain privileges that you previously enjoyed with that person. But such privileges are not lost forever , but once you remove restricted access from a user again, you will regain such previously lost benefits and privileges, now let’s see what these are:

Write you by private message

When blocking a user within Wallapop that person cannot send you messages and you cannot send them messages either. However, once you unblock that Wallapop user, the function for sending and entering private messages is activated again .

This is one of the most used functions of the Wallapop Network, because through personal messages it is possible to mention exclusive details of certain products or of each of the details of the purchase of an item. Simply put, private messages are essential to any purchase.

View your posts

Product publications of any kind are added within the Wallapop Commercial Network and other users who have a Wallapop Network account will see these publications. However, once someone blocks you, you cannot see the products that he publishes and that person cannot see what you publish.

Now, at the moment of unlocking a person, you will be able to start seeing all the publications that that user uploads and also what you upload they will see. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to speak with that user from the comments of any publication.

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