How to unblock a person on Facebook Lite

Rectifying is wise, and many times we block without thinking twice, so in this article we will explain how to unblock a person on Facebook Lite . This application is a version of this social network for Android that takes up much less memory space and, therefore. Facebook Lite has fewer resources and functions than the traditional version, but it is more useful to use it for the basics , view and comment on posts from our contacts and write private messages.

If we have regretted blocking one of our contacts and want to give it a second chance , we have to open the application and access the main menu (the icon with the three horizontal stripes in the upper right part of our screen). Next we will have to scroll down until we find ‘Settings’.

In this new menu, we must again scroll down until we reach the ‘Blocks’ section, where the list of people we have blocked will appear. To lift the punishment, we will only have to press ‘Unlock’. When you press there, another screen will appear to confirm that we really want to remove the block again, since this implies that the mutual labels will reappear and that person will be able to see our profile on Facebook again .

To prevent us from playing cat and mouse, Facebook will prevent us from being able to block that same contact again in the next 48 hours after unlocking , so we have to be quite sure that we want to confirm this action.


If what we want to know is how to unblock someone on Facebook without them knowing , the reality is that it is not something that is in our power. Lifting a block also breaks the friendship on Facebook, since the application considers that if you vetoed access to all the information on your profile it is because you do not want to continue knowing anything about that person.

The only way there is for someone not to find out that we have unlocked it is for this person not to realize for themselves that we are no longer in their contact list. Our profile will continue to be accessible (with the privacy restrictions that we have configured), so that at a certain moment that person can see that we no longer have contact with them on Facebook. This can imply two things, either that we have removed it from the friends list or that it was blocked and later unblocked by us.

The further away the contact we have unblocked, the more likely it is that they will never realize we had them on that blacklist . In the case of close friends and family, the chances that they will find out increases. The safest thing is that, sooner or later, they will see that you are no longer their friend on Facebook and they will write you a message asking for explanations, something without a doubt quite uncomfortable.

To avoid these situations, the best thing to do on Facebook is to silence those contacts who give us so much annoyance. Nor is it a bulletproof method (they can always ask you for a photo that they uploaded and that you obviously have not seen), but you can always claim that your lack of interaction in this social network is due to the fact that you are more aware of other things – or applications- that to the photos of food that each one uploads on weekends.



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