How to rename a Facebook page in 2021

Facebook gives, in addition to a personal profile, the possibility of creating informative pages to share content about a business, a brand, a sports team, etc. If you are the manager of one of them and you need to know how to change the name of a Facebook page in 2021, do not miss the steps to follow that we indicate below.

One of the best communication channels to show and enhance the image of any brand is Facebook. The social network has more than 2,700 million active users in this year 2021.

Facebook pages are a good opportunity to get your company, brand or organization to these millions of users. If users like what you share on the page, they will interact and share the information with their contacts as well.

In addition, you can generate traffic on your company’s website because you can link your Facebook page with your website. Facebook will act as a platform for customers to reach your online store, for example.

It may be the case that a brand, business or the subject of which you have a page made on Facebook changes. If you are the administrator of this page, you must update that information on the social network so that it does not become old. We tell you how to change the name of a Facebook page in 2021 so that it continues to represent your brand and does not lose users.

To find out how to change the name of a Facebook page in 2021, the first thing you have to do is log into the social network from your computer’s browser. Then on the left side of the screen you will see a menu with your username and underneath you must click on the icon of a flag next to “Pages”.

The page or pages will now be displayed on the right side of the screen if there are several of which you are an administrator. Choose the one you want to change its name. Then all the information related to the page opens. Now go down to the bottom click on “Settings”.

You are going to reconfigure the page. To change the name you have to click on “Page information”. The first thing that appears is your current name. Change it to the new one and a few seconds later a pop-up window will appear informing you that the changes have been saved. You can now exit and the process will be over.


To know how to change the username of a company on Facebook, the first thing you should know is that normally the user of a company on Facebook is the same as that of a page.

Thus, to change this company name, what you must do is follow the steps to modify the name of a Facebook page. You just have to enter your Facebook profile and follow the steps that we have told you in the previous section if you do it from the computer or in the following to do it from any mobile phone.

It is essential that if you have a company on Facebook that you keep all the data well updated so that you do not lose customers and they can communicate with you easily.


If you already know how to change the name of a Facebook page in 2021 from the computer, but what you need is to make this modification from the Facebook mobile application, don’t worry, you can do it easily.

You just have to open Facebook on your mobile phone. Then click on the icon of the three lines that you have at the top for Android devices or at the bottom for phones with iOS .

Below the name of your profile you have “Your (number of pages)” of which you are an administrator. Click on that button. All the pages will be displayed, select the one you want to update with a new name.

In the new interface that appears below the name of the page you will see options such as “general information”, “Ads” and so on. swipe with your finger from the right to the left until you reach “More” and click on it.

Now you just have to go to where it says “Page controls” and click on “Edit page”. Finally, you must go to where it says “Page information” and click on the right arrow. Change the name and click on “save.


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