How to unblock a person on Facebook account?

The use of social networks such as Facebook has brought with it a series of opportunities to meet and interact and make more friends throughout the world. And while it has brought closeness, there are times when users prefer to keep a certain distance from others . So Facebook has among its functions the option to block people.

Whatever the reason for using this option, the owner of the profile has complete freedom to run it whenever they want , as well as to cancel the unlocking. Therefore, it will be explained in detail below how you can block someone and unblock people on the Facebook social network.

How to Delete Your Entire Block List on Facebook?

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  1. How can you unblock a person on your Facebook account?
    1. With the mobile app
    2. From the official website
  2. What is the way to unblock all the people in your account on Facebook?
  3. How to re-block a Facebook user from the app or PC?
    1. Con Android o iOS
    2. with the browser

How can you unblock a person on your Facebook account?

In the case where a person has regretted having blocked another person, or simply wants to unblock someone after a long time blocked, there is a way to remove that user from the block list . The arrival to this list is different depending on the medium where Facebook is being used.

With the mobile app

To get to the blocked list on Facebook through a mobile, you have to enter the application (either from an Android or iOS device), and go to configuration, clicking on the horizontal lines located in the upper right corner of the screen . Then follow the steps below:

  • Within the menu, scroll down until you reach the ‘settings and privacy’ option and select it.
  • Click on ‘settings’.
  • Go to the privacy section and enter ‘blocks’.

From the official website

The process to get to the block list on the website is just as simple as it is on the mobile app. You just have to enter the Facebook platform from the PC browser and click the arrow icon in the upper right corner. Next, go to ‘settings and privacy’ and then ‘settings’.

To have the complete list of blocked users, go to the ‘blocks’ category and go to the ‘block users’ section. In that panel , all the profiles that have been blocked in the Facebook account will be visible .

What is the way to unblock all the people in your account on Facebook?

Once the blocked list has been found on Facebook (either from the mobile or the website on the PC), the unblocking can now be carried out. To achieve this, you have to locate all the blocked users and press the ‘unblock’ option on each one . After confirming the unlocking of all profiles, the lock list will be removed.

It should be noted that when users are unblocked, they will not be on the friends list again . To have them as friends again and to interact with them, it is important to send the friend request on this social network and that they then accept it.

How to re-block a Facebook user from the app or PC?

If the case happens where you want to re-block previously unblocked users, there is a way to do it. Using the same method that is applied to block them for the first time. The process to block again is very simple and fast, both for the mobile phone app and the web version for PC.

Con Android o iOS

To block someone on your mobile device, you have to enter the app and go to the search bar, in it write the name of the user you want to block and enter their profile. Within your profile, you proceed to select the three points, and among the options offered, click on ‘block’.

Different parameters will appear on the screen that the user can take into account when blocking the user, among which is ‘take a break’.

with the browser

Similar to the mobile application version, on the Facebook website you must place the name of the user to be blocked in the search bar. Followed by this, we proceed to click on the three points and select ‘block’ . Once this option is confirmed, the user will already be blocked.


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