10 best Roblox games

One of the powers that has led Roblox to success is the number of games that users can enjoy. That’s why today we bring you the 10 best Roblox games .

There are hundreds of Roblox games , the game that conquers teenagers , since being a free and open online service, anyone can create their own game. Due to this fact, the number of games available is very high, but of course, there are several that could be considered the best.

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Stop it, Slender!

When starting this game one of the participants becomes Slender . From there, the way to defeat this character is to turn on three generators and collect eight pages, but taking into account that every time a player looks at Slender or is able to touch him, he will lose life. This means that more than one participant in this game takes the odd scare.

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Robot 64

This game is about a robot named Beebo who is traveling around the world to try to destroy the sun. It is one of the most popular Roblox games with the best graphic quality. It is a Roblox game inspired by Super Mario 64 , a game from the old Nintendo 64 console.

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Work in a Pizzeria

Although its name can be misleading, the truth is that it is not a game in which you only work in a pizzeria, but that work is the means to earn money and thus be able to improve our houses, with furniture, rooms or new appliances.

In the game you can level up from the chef to the manager of the business.

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It is one of the most popular Roblox games in which different users can interact with each other , being able to chat, compare objects, create their home or even share coins.

The goal of MeepCity is simply to live and complete our house as much as possible.

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In this Roblox game we can choose if we are a policeman or a prisoner and, depending on that decision, this is how we should play. That is, if you are a police officer you must find the escaped prisoners and if you are a prisoner you must do everything possible so that they do not catch you.

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Pet Simulator!

In this world our character is walking with his pet and finding activities in order to get money and be able to improve his own character. It is a very successful game among the youngest Roblox players.

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Lumber Tycoon 2

In this game all the participants cut down trees and sell the wood with the aim of creating an empire of lumberjacks .

Starting with an ax, then moving on to a chainsaw, then to a sawmill, to finally have a huge company dedicated to cutting wood.

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Phantom Forces

It is a game where the weapon system is at a great level . We have everything from pistols to shotguns, assault or sniper rifles, all of them for a somewhat violent Roblox game.

It is considered by many to be the best Roblox games today.

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Superhero tycoon

As its name suggests, it is a superhero game , where we can choose between Batman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Deadpool or Superman among others.

The point is to create the best possible headquarters for your superhero , through a collection of deposits that arrive periodically. With these funds and the ones you get through the game, you will be able to remodel your secret base, compare vehicles and weapons to be the most complete superhero

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Natural Disaster Survival

It is a Roblox survival game that has become very popular.

In this game, various natural disasters will occur that you must survive , such as earthquakes, storms, floods, volcanoes, etc., having to find the ideal refuge for each phenomenon, since if you make a mistake you will lose the game.

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We hope that with these 10 games for Roblox, you will find one or more that you like and thus be able to have a good time. In that case we will be very happy to have been able to help you.


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