How to track and locate a computer via its IP address

The IP address is a unique address that identifies each device connected to the internet worldwide. It is like a universal phone number that allows each device to be contacted. It can be tracked to find its location. How can a computer be traced and located through its IP address?

Every computer connected to the Internet has an IP number composed of several digits , which is assigned by the service providers. This number constitutes an Internet Protocol (IP) and usually communicates information not specific to the geographical location of the device connected to the Internet.

Many times we observe on television, how through the IP address the address of a person is located, usually incurring in some illegal action.

And this makes it seem that tracking and locating a computer through its IP address is a very simple thing. But the reality is different.

This is due, among other things, to the fact that there are so many private and public IP addresses . Public IPs are those that can generally be accessed and are associated with a modem or router. Private IPs, on the other hand, belong to a home network, and they cannot be accessed or shown to computers outside that network.

How to track and locate a computer via its IP address

As we have indicated, the IP address allows devices to connect with each other over the internet. Websites can access an IP address and even track a person’s location to find their location or equipment. But locating a computer through its IP in a geographically exact way is not so simple and straightforward, it is practically impossible.

What some applications can do is indicate the approximate geographic area where a computer is located, but not specify the exact address.

To achieve this, logically you must know the IP of the device to be located , and for this you must execute the following procedure on a PC:

  • The first thing to do is to access the command prompt tool through the “Start”> “Run” menu.
  • When the “Find files and programs” dialog box opens, type “cmd”.
  • When you “enter” the command prompt window will open.
  • Enter the expression “netstat —n” and you will get a list of the IP addresses you have connected to (Foreign Address).
  • Select the IP you want to locate.
  • Access a web page with IP address location service.

Applications to locate a computer by its IP address

Next we will mention some of these applications dedicated to locating IP addresses . There are an innumerable number of pages dedicated to offering you this information. You can even track or geo locate a dynamic IP exactly.

It should be remembered that the implementation of the processes indicated in these applications must be handled with integrity. The improper use of the information obtained can be severely punished.

Geo bytes

By completing the form that the website shows you by entering the IP address that you want to locate, you will be able to know the general geographical area in which a certain device is located. Remember to delete your IP address, which is the one you will find by default in the form.

What is my ip

This tool can not only give the approximate geographical location, it also provides live information of the coordinates where the device is located . You can also collect information regarding the device and the company in charge of providing the internet.


Similar to other websites, you will need to indicate the IP address to track to get the general location of the device. The difference of this application is that it will show you its geolocation with a map .


You can access the geographical location of several IP’s simultaneously , and if you wish, you can locate them represented on a map.

These are the pages dedicated to the location of IP addresses. As you can see, they can only indicate the approximate geographical location of the tracked device. It is very important when carrying out this type of procedure, to take into account the existing privacy policies.

This procedure is generally used to find hackers, criminals, and malicious email owners. But you must be careful that they do not turn against you.

Finally, for your safety, you can hide your IP address when browsing the internet and avoid being tracked by a person with a bad origin. We hope this article helps you and that the information is for proper use.


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