How to teach children

Parents are the first teachers of children. Children learn a lot at home before going to school. Young children cannot learn anything on their own, you need to pay special attention for the child to learn something. If you too are worried about your child, how should the child learn something. So let’s learn ways to teach children-

  • Teach a pictureless book, poem book, alphabet songs or videos of poems to children of about one to three years.
  • Children of about three to five years old can read Alphabet’s book, short story book, poem book and videos of Alphabet songs or poems on their TV.
  • Young children can also learn a lot by showing them a variety of toys.
  • Talk to your child more and more.
  • Always ask the children questions and also answer their questions. If the child asks, do not ignore them.
  • Children also learn a lot from their friends. So let the children spend some time with their friends too.
  • You children can also learn a lot in sports.
  • Children should never be taught by scolding or beating, but should be explained with love.


by Abdullah Sam
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