Children’s balanced diet

It is very important for children to have a balanced diet to stay healthy. First time mother is very worried about her baby’s diet, she thinks what children will like to eat and what is necessary for children. Mother should pay special attention to her baby’s food.   

Children’s balanced diet

  • Mother’s milk is the best food for a newborn. For the first six months, the baby should be given only mother’s milk. After delivery, the first yellow thick milk that comes out from the breasts of women must be fed to the baby, there is cholesterol in it. Which protects the baby from bacterial infection of various diseases.
  • Cow’s milk, fruit juice and cereal should be given only after six months.
  • Children can be given cooked vegetables like carrot, potato, gourd, cabbage, spinach.
  • Grated fruit apple, banana, papaya, pomegranate, orange, mango
  • Ripe thin lentils, thin porridge, rice, bread
  • Cooked egg, yogurt, cheese / cheese
  • Children can be fed by mixing bread and lentils.
  • Mix dal or curd with cooked rice and give it.
  • Mother’s milk should be given to children for 2 years.

Children should be fed only a little bit and must first pay attention to the fact that children are not allergic to any diet. For this, the same kind of fruits and vegetables were given for a few days. If children do not have any allergy then try to give other food. Your child may have vomiting, diarrhea, cold, or body rash if allergic.


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