How to feed young children

Nowadays it has become very difficult to feed children. The complaint of all parents is that their child does not feel hungry nor does he ask for food himself. Low appetite is often a natural symptom, especially in children under 5 years of age. So if the child eats less food for some time, still the child is active and there is no hindrance in its development, then it should not be disturbed.

Come, learn how to feed young children –

  • Instead of feeding the children more at one time, feed them in small quantities repeatedly.
  • Do not give water to children before feeding them.
  • Make it a habit for children to eat food with other family members.
  • Make a habit of feeding the child with his own hand and if doing so, if the child spreads the food, do not stop at all.
  • Make different things and feed the children.
  • Serve the children well decorated and the utensils served should also be attractive.
  • Feed children green vegetables, fruits and salads daily. If the child does not want to eat fruit and salad, then change its decoration and taste and feed.
  • If the child complains of constipation, give him more green vegetables, fruits and water.
  • If the child has fever, in this case, give him maximum fluid.
  • The children are about 500 ml. Milk should be given daily. Milk should not be given at the place of food.
  • At least feed junk food to children. It should not be done at all that if the child does not want to eat, then always feed him junk food.


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