How to take screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

As is often the case with electronic devices with a screen, the latest Samsung smartwatches also incorporate the option to capture the screen. There is no way to create these captures in the settings , but it is not too cumbersome either: you just need to press the buttons on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 . We tell you what you should do.

With the arrival of the Galaxy Watch 4 Samsung has changed the operating system of the system to include the combination of Tizen and Wear OS . This combination slightly changes the use of the smartwatch, its interface and the compatible applications , it also alters some basic functions. One of them is the screenshots: the Watch 4 breaks with Tizen and also with Wear OS.

Press the two buttons of the Galaxy Watch 4

To capture the screen on watches with Tizen, you have to press and hold the lower right button while sliding your finger across the screen from left to right. For its part, Google includes in Wear OS the possibility of capturing the panel from the settings of the app called, precisely, Wear OS . With the jump to One UI Watch Samsung has decided to change the mechanics .


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Samsung does not include a shortcut to capture the screen among the options of the Galaxy Watch 4, nor does it offer the information in the device settings. Luckily, the mechanics for taking screenshots are not a problem:

  • Press the two physical buttons on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. You will see that the screen blinks indicating that a capture was made.
  • The “scrrenshot” is saved in the gallery of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. You can access the image from there: find the app in the application drawer (swipe up the home screen).
  • To send the capture to the phoneyou must enter the gallery of the watch and hold down on the image to share.
  • Click on the icon and the screenshot will be sent wirelessly to the photo gallery of your phone, the one that is paired with the watch.

Manually sending screenshots to the phone gallery

  • It is possible that the capture is automatically saved in the gallery of your mobile. Please check before submitting manually.

With the above process you will be able to take all the screenshots you want to your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. Of course, you must bear in mind that you will not always be able to capture what appears on the clock: some applications are protected against capture as a security measure .

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