How to protect your Telegram chats with a password

Even if your mobile is properly protected with an unlock code, it is possible that in some circumstances the mobile will remain unlocked . If you want to make sure that your Telegram conversations are still not visible to those who have access to your mobile, the best solution is to protect the chats with a PIN or password .

With Telegram, you can lock your chats at any time, in addition to setting an inactivity time after which the chats will be blocked. At that point, the only way to access the conversations will be to use mobile biometrics or enter the PIN code or password.

How to protect your Telegram chats with a PIN

Telegram is a cloud-based application where there is no limit on how much is stored in the history, so in an oversight an intruder could access years and years of messages. If you want to protect your Telegram chats from the eyes of others, even for those who have physical access to the mobile without unlocking, the application allows you to block their chats with a password or PIN code .


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The option is not active from the factory, but you must be the one who enters the Telegram settings, in the Privacy and security section . In them, tap on Lock code and then toggle the switch on Lock code , which will display all available options.

The first thing you will have to do next is enter the PIN code or password that you want to use to protect your chats on Telegram. At the beginning, you are asked for a four-digit PIN code, although you can change to a password if you prefer, by tapping on the top bar. Whatever your choice, you will have to enter it twice.

With this you will already have the Telegram blocking code active, although you can make some additional interesting adjustments in these options. To begin with, you can activate if you want to unlock with your fingerprint , using the phone’s biometrics. If you disable it, then no one will be able to unblock Telegram chats without knowing the PIN or password, even if their fingerprint is registered on the mobile.

Another available option is Show content in multitasking , which will prevent you from taking screenshots when using Telegram in multitasking mode. More important is the Autolock option , where you can choose a period of time from which Telegram will be blocked automatically, ranging from one minute to five hours. You can also disable it.

If you disable the automatic blocking of Telegram, you can still block the application manually whenever you want. To do this, you must go to the Telegram chat view and press the padlock icon, which appears only when the blocking options are activated.

After blocking Telegram, the next time you open it, you will see nothing except a screen that asks you to enter the PIN code or password . If activated, you can also use the fingerprint reader to unlock Telegram.

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