How to tag a person in an Instagram story


  • 1How to tag a person in Stories
    • 1Via phone
    • 2Via computer
  • 2How to know if I have been tagged
  • 3How to recognize tagged people in history
  • 4How to remove my mark in history

Stories is a useful feature that allows you to share a memorable evening with your subscribers without adding photos or videos to your main profile. A great way to mention the profiles of people from your companies is to be able to tag them directly in your Stories. Let’s figure out how to mark a person from a phone and a computer in an Instagram story.

Please note that in one story, 10 people can be marked, and all of them will receive a notification.

Tagging a person in Stories

Via phone

  1. We tap on the button for shooting a new story.
  2. We shoot the desired video and pay attention to the square sticker on the top panel (see screenshot).
  3. In the drop-down list, select ” Mention“.
  4. It remains to specify the username.

Pay attention to the prompts from the app. It is enough to enter only a part of the login and Instagram will offer user options to choose from from the list of your subscriptions.

Via computer does not allow you to upload Stories. It is possible to get the full functionality of the application using an emulator. The instructions will use BlueStacks.

  1. Go to the official website of the program. Download and log in to the Play market.
    Program link:
  2. Install Instagram.
  3. Click on the camera icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  4. We write down the necessary material, or upload a photo from the gallery.
  5. Click on the sticker icon in the top bar.
  6. Select the item ” Mention” and write down the nickname of the person in the photo.

How to know if I have been tagged

After mentioning another user of your nickname, Instagram will automatically notify you with a corresponding notification. You can view the notification as follows:

  1. While in the subscribers’ posting feed window, pay attention to the airplane icon in the upper right corner. Please note that the new notification will be displayed with a small red number slightly below.
  2. A new message will appear here with the appropriate notification.

How to recognize tagged people in history

  1. We open the story you like and draw attention to the nickname indicated above the user.
  2. We tap on it once. A pop-up notification will appear above the caption with a direct link to the user’s profile.

How to remove my mark in history

Unlike standard posts, the functionality of stories is a bit limited. Therefore, it is impossible to remove the earlier added mention of a person. The only option is to delete the story and overwrite it without mentioning the user. If another person has made a tag with your nickname, then there is no way to influence this either. The only best option would be to ignore this post.

It is worth noting that adding a user to the blacklist prohibits him from making a mark with your nickname. This method is suitable for adding all kinds of advertising companies there.

Now you know how to mark a person in an Instagram story. We recommend using this tool whenever possible, it will increase the activity on your account and diversify the feed with new content.

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