How to tag someone on instagram

The best tricks to tag your friends on Instagram without anyone seeing it.How to tag someone on instagram.

Here we tell you how to mention on Instagram with the best tricks to tag your friends without anyone seeing it . And if you want to mention other users of such a popular social network, you are surely wondering how to prevent labels from covering up the image so much or, perhaps, you don’t want anyone to see who you mention . Luckily there are several tricks and alternatives to hide these types of elements from your Instagram stories. Therefore, we detail the different alternatives so that you can mention on  Instagram hiding the hasthags .

How to tag someone on instagram.

Index of contents

  • Hide the mention
  • Camouflages the mention
  • Off-screen label
  • Check the mentions

Thus, and thanks to our guide, you will know how to mention on Instagram in hidden mode , so that the labels do not cover the image itself and no one can see with the naked eye who you have tagged in your Stories . In this way, you will be able to interact with your friends, family, acquaintances or any other Instagram user without others seeing it. Try the following methods!

How to tag someone on instagram

Hide the mention

If you want to add more elements to your Storie, you can use stickers or the location to place them above the mention and thus hide it from the eyes of third parties. In this way, the label of another or other users will be hidden behind other elements that you can put on them, so that your followers cannot see who you have mentioned.

Camouflages the mention

In another example, you may want to camouflage labels over uniform spaces in the photo, such as a very present color in a certain area of ​​the image. Thus, if you place a label in that area, you can edit the mention using the same color as the background . To do this, place the mention in the desired place and touch it to change the color. If you click on the icon to the left of the colors, you can use the same background color so that the label is painted the same color and is camouflaged.

Off-screen label

Another equally valid method is to tag other users off the screen , yes, just as it sounds. The idea is to disguise the mentions by dragging them off the image screen itself. To do this, you just have to edit the mention, reduce its size with your fingers (as if you were pinching the label) and drag it outside the margins of the photo, in any corner of it. Thus, the mention will remain out of the sight of other users and only the person mentioned will know that they have been tagged in said image.

Check the mentions

Now you know how to hide labels and mentions through three different methods, so that you can use any of them depending on the circumstances. But, being hidden, how can you know if the mentions are correctly placed in each image? Luckily, there is a trick to check the mentions used on Instagram. To do this, go to the main Instagram screen and enter your conversations ; There you will be able to consult the accounts of users mentioned in your labels in the first positions.

Thanks to all these tricks, you will now be able to tag users on Instagram without anyone else finding out beyond the people mentioned in each of your publications, either by covering, camouflaging or dragging the mentions according to your needs, as well as knowing how to check if your publications have their labels well placed in each case.


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