How to sync files from your Android to Pc?

Synchronization between Android mobile devices with a computer is common today. Thanks to this, it is possible that we can make use of this method to transfer both important files , such as music, movies, Microsoft office documents and others. With this guide, you will learn how to do it.

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  1. Methods to share files from your phone to the computer
    1. Connecting the mobile by USB
    2. Using Bluetooth
    3. Windows synchronization
    4. with your social networks
  2. What are the best online storage services available for PC and mobile?
    1. Microsoft OneDrive
    2. Google Drive
    3. Dropbox
  3. What application can I use to synchronize my cell phone with the computer?
    1. FolderSync
    2. Cheetah Sync

Methods to share files from your phone to the computer

When we talk about connecting your mobile to your computer. There are various methods to make it possible. Since, it has been implemented ways to do in various ways. In this way, people do not depend on a single method , and since they do not have access with one of them, they can use another of the methods presented below.

Connecting the mobile by USB

The most used method is to connect the mobile with the USB cable to the computer . It’s as easy as connecting a USB microphone to your Android . What you will have to do is connect the USB to the mobile, and then to the computer. After this, you will have to lower the upper tray of the mobile and press the connection options of the USB cable. They are in these options.

  • charge the device
  • Use it for file transfer
  • move media files
  • Pass MIDI files

We will have to use the second method. In this way, we can pass all types of files. After this, a window will be displayed on the computer screen showing that the device link is active. You will only have to click on the displayed window and you will be seeing the mobile files

Using Bluetooth

Although this method is outdated, and many people do not use it because it is too slow , it is still possible to use it. But it is used more to connect the cell phone with the car . We talk about the Bluetooth method. By activating the Bluetooth of the mobile and the computer, we can link the two devices and transfer files remotely

Windows synchronization

You can somehow also link your mobile device with your computer, through Windows. With the ‘Your Phone’ application downloaded from Google Play on your mobile. You will have to log in with your Google account , both on the mobile and on the computer, with the same account. And it will only have to be connected to the same network for the synchronization to start taking place on its own.

with your social networks

An easy way to do this is to use your social networks to share your files. Since the changes that you make on a mobile of your social networks, are being reflected on the computer, since this data is stored on the internet. In this way, you can use Facebook or telegram for example , and send files through a chat. These will be on the computer or mobile.

What are the best online storage services available for PC and mobile?

But there are not only synchronization methods. Also, we have online storage that will help us save our information. In this way, we can see it both on the computer and on the mobile device , and this, just by going online and choosing one of the platforms that we present to you below.

Microsoft OneDrive

One of the most used online storage methods now is the convenient OneDrive. This is a kind of Cloud, which helps you to synchronize your computer with your mobile, via the Internet . To do so, you need to  download the app on your mobile and log in to it. After this, you just have to start saving your files in it, and you will be able to see it from the computer as well as from the mobile

Google Drive

Another option that you have available is to use Google Drive to save all your documents. This platform functions as a cloud , in the same way as OneDrive. With this platform, everything that is uploaded, whether from your computer or from your mobile, you will be able to see all these files just by entering the account with your email.


Of the best cloud storage applications, we recommend Dropbox. One of the best in the last decade, just download this application on your computer, as well as on your mobile to enjoy this application. You can even share your folders with other users for your friends who have Dropbox accounts.

What application can I use to synchronize my cell phone with the computer?

Among the options we have to store information . We introduce you to applications that can be used to synchronize the mobile device with your computer. In this way, you will be able to have better accessibility to it, with more options and better configurations.


The first application that we make known to you and that we recommend is that of FolderSync . With this application, we will be able to manage our files, folder synchronization and an option of cloud accounts. You can somehow sync the app with a cloud account to view it from your computer.

Cheetah Sync

With the Cheetah Sync application, we can synchronize our Android mobile with a MAC computer. And it is that, we can have complete folders synchronized from the mobile with the computer. Thanks to  a WiFI internet connection , we can make this possible in a very simple way.


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