How to enter and exit safe mode on PS5 ?

Among the various options that we have available on the PS5 console, we have the option of Safe mode. In this mode, only basic console functions will be available . In this way, this is designed to repair the database of the PlayStation, so that we can somehow go back to the factory options and fix these errors.

But sometimes, like on mobile devices and computers. It usually happens that this mode is activated autonomously, seeing this we do not know what to do, and the first thing we do is restart the console. But in the event that this happens, we bring you the ways to learn how to enter and exit the safe mode of your PlayStation 5

How to Enter and Exit Safe Mode on PS5 – Complete Guide

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  1. What actions can be performed using the safe mode of the PS5?
  2. How to prepare PS5 before entering safe mode?
    1. with a backup
    2. Use PS Plus cloud storage
  3. What is the procedure to enter the safe mode of a PS5?
  4. How do you get out of safe mode on a PS5 properly?
    1. pressing the power button
    2. Clicking on Rebuild Database

What actions can be performed using the safe mode of the PS5?

When we are in the safe mode of the PS5, we can do certain actions that we cannot do outside of this mode. One of the most prominent is updating the system software . It allows you to update the software through the use of the internet or from an external storage drive.

We can also change the video outputs that the console has. With this, we can solve the fatal problem of blank screen.

Within these options, there is the one to configure privacy within your PS5 . And of the most important, we can do a reset in the settings of the console , but this will not eliminate the games and applications that it has. Also, within this option we can delete the cache, so that the console does not stick or freeze

How to prepare PS5 before entering safe mode?

Before entering the safe mode, we must be prepared in case we make a configuration that is not going to favor us.

In this way, if we misuse this mode, we can recover the files we had before and go back to how it was and know that the configuration we have made was not the right one to do. An example may be that we make a configuration wrong to put favorite songs on the PS5 while playing .

with a backup

One of the best recommendations given to all users before using the safe mode of the PS5. It is that before, make a backup copy of the data stored on the PS5 on a USB flash drive, or also on an external memory of your choice. This is more, to avoid any loss of important data that is residing on the PS5.

Use PS Plus cloud storage

Another way to store your data, and somehow protect it. It is using the cloud storage that the PS5 itself and the PlayStation company provide us. With PS plus, we can store large amounts of data so that we can make settings on the console without fear of losing any data.

Entering the official PlayStation plus page . You will be able to see the plans that are there for you. With this option, we will have a space in the cloud of the PlayStation database, and in it we can enter the data of the games that we have, in order to download them to another console. We can save 150GB of data in a single account

What is the procedure to enter the safe mode of a PS5?

If we can see the email account on the PS5 , we can see and enter the safe mode of the console . In this way, we can enjoy and see the options that will be presented to us here. But of course, before starting the configurations, we must use the two methods presented above so as not to lose important data.

  • First of all, you must have the console turned off completely
  • At that time, you will have to press the power button until you hear a sound. It then waits for it to beep again, emitting a second beep. At that time, release the button
  • Then, you will have to connect the controller via USB to the console, then press the PlayStation button on the controller.
  • With this, you will be successfully entering the safe mode of the consoles.

How do you get out of safe mode on a PS5 properly?

After being in the safe mode of the console, not everyone knows how to get out of it. Because not only is it enough to turn off and turn on the console again , the only thing that this process can bring is a misconfiguration in the console, and we can end up damaging it. Therefore, we bring you the ways on how to get out of this mode safely.

pressing the power button

The most normal method that everything uses is pressing the Power button . With this method, they are almost one hundred percent sure that by doing so, you will be exiting the safe mode of the PS5. And you will not be damaging the console, since a restart will be done on the console. In the event that it is not possible to exit, the following method may work for you

Clicking on Rebuild Database

  • Opting for the Rebuild Database option. We can get out safely
  • Entering the console options in safe mode, with the controller you will see a list of options
  • In these options , Rebuild Database will be fifth. Click it, and wait a moment for it to start the console again.
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