How to solve signal problems on my mobile ‘network

It is a very big concern when we realize that we do not have network coverage on the cell phone , but let’s not complicate ourselves, there are a wide range of recommendations and occupations that we can put into practice thus lowering the pressure of our concern and it can even be said our bad mood could change continuing to What to do with the situation?

A good action in principle if you are at home is to check your internet connection and prepare to restart the mode or router and wifi available at that time.

The cell phone is turned off and at the same time remove the SIM card , wait a prudent time and then insert it and turn on the mobile. Consider making a call to see if I am back on the network.

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  1. Why does my phone say that the network is not available?
  2. How to know if the problem is with my phone, my location or my SIM
  3. Most common solutions for lack of signal on your device
    1. Reboot your device
    2. Change your Wi-Fi calling preference to cellular or cellular only
    3. Remove the case from your device
  4. How to report a location with no service to your company
  5. No signal on mobile during the job site?
  6. Airplane mode on my mobile
  7. Space where we are using the cell phone

Why does my phone say that the network is not available?

One of the most common and repeated failures of our phones is the warning message that tells you that the mobile network is not available, and that is when it stops making calls only if they are emergency.

Many times the loss of service and basic functions of your phone is due to several problems, commonly it may be some of these: you are somewhere where you have no signal , it may also happen that your phone was blocked by IMEI, other case would be that your SIM card is damaged and as a last option would be that the equipment may be damaged.

How to know if the problem is with my phone, my location or my SIM

When you want to know if the problem is with your phone or if it is your SIM card, you should not worry since it is not a very difficult process to do. One of the possible common causes of when the annoying message that the network is not available appears is that the SIM card may not be making contact correctly , since it may be the case that the cell phone received a blow or for any reason If you want to verify that your SIM card is working correctly, you just have to turn off your device and safely remove your SIM card so that you can clean any dirt that may be interfering so that it makes contact correctly.

Once you finish doing it you must place it again and check that the problem has been solved, if not, what you should do is try your SIM card in another telephone equipment and check that this solves the problem, if it still persists and appears again the error you will have to change and buy another SIM, but if this works perfectly then what you have to do is repair your phone.

Most common solutions for lack of signal on your device

Almost always the ways to restore the signal of a device are the same, below we will talk about the most common that usually are, so continue reading this article that will be very helpful for you.

Reboot your device

The most effective and easy way for you to solve the signal problem on your computer is by restarting, it is so simple that you only have to press the shutdown button for a few seconds and select the option where it says shutdown. In this way, all the access memory will be erased and any process that could possibly be interrupting the optimal functioning of your equipment will be restored, check that when you turn your mobile on again you can use it normally and without any failure.

Change your Wi-Fi calling preference to cellular or cellular only

In this option, all you have to do is restart your computer so that it reconnects to the network, then you enter the configuration and change the preferences of Wi-Fi calls to cellular or also where it says only cellular; then check that you already have coverage and you can try to make a call.

Remove the case from your device

You may see this step unnecessary but sometimes it can work and solve the problem, all you have to do is remove any case or shell from your equipment to check that it is not interfering with the signal of your phone.

How to report a location with no service to your company

If nothing you did has worked for you to end this problem, it may be time to contact your company or simply go to the nearest office and report your line.

No signal on mobile during the job site?

Without a doubt, it is important to have coverage at home, even more essential, at work more with the fact of having to communicate with any company, if you work in a company or office and even more in any undertaking you have, to be able to advertise .

For this reason, to obtain coverage on the mobile, whether it is an Android or any other equipment, you must be aware or define exactly, if the problem is the signal or the mobile in order to prepare to solve it.

In the company you work for, you could restart the mobile to check if it immediately connects to the network or if the problem is the data, if not go to the office that manages the network in that field of work.

Another option we can take is to change the 4G mobile network to 3G or 2G, taking into account 2G is for voice calls and 3G and 4G is for data. In case of not working, activate the 4G again.

Airplane mode on my mobile

Knowing even more about what to do in case of losing the signal would help us to put the mobile in use into operation without much cost and concern.This step would be the airplane mode which is like restarting it, activating and deactivating it , the indicated mode is activated for a brief moment and then deactivates.

We must take into account once the airplane mode  is set, we must be aware of doing it quickly and not leave the mobile for a long time like that since in the airplane mode the mobile is turned off and therefore we will not have a good result when using this mode to help us in the desired coverage.

There are mobiles that due to their constant and multiple use could surely have the SIM card in poor condition , this would be blocking or preventing the good reception of the signal, the best thing would be to check with another mobile by placing our card and if not go to an operator or technician to check that card.

Space where we are using the cell phone

It may happen that depending on the place or area where you are, you could be having some complication due to the few generating waves of the network, either at home, at work, the gym, supermarket or walking on the same road in short, you would only have to wait and find the right place to get coverage.

You must determine if you are the only one who is having this type of problem or there are several people in the same area with this difficulty in order to seek a solution from both parties , or it could be that the signal received from the company in charge in that place is not arriving correctly.

If you always have to move and go in search of coverage then it would be better to check which companies offer us a good service in terms of networks, another option would be to keep two SIM cards available from different operators or if you go in a vehicle use existing amplifiers in the mobile signal market for them.

If necessary to detect the signal level, we would use some applications in the same way, among them we have Open Signal Android or IOS , this is easy to handle, free, offering us quite detailed information indicating the location of the antenna that is connected to the device.


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