How to reset your Smart TV to solve connection problems?

If you have a Smart TV that you want to connect to the internet and it does not connect to Wi-Fi. Today we are going to explain to you why this problem originates and what you have to do in order to repair it.

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  1. What is the reason why a Samsung or LG Smart TV does not connect to Wi-Fi?
    1. saturated cache
    2. Storage errors on the router
    3. Incorrect password
    4. Signal range inability
  2. How can you reset your Smart TV to solve connection problems?
  3. What should you do to restart your router and retry the connection with your Smart TV?

What is the reason why a Samsung or LG Smart TV does not connect to Wi-Fi?

There are several reasons why a Smart TV does not connect to a Wi-Fi network. And now we are going to leave you the most common ones, so you can get an idea of ​​the solution.

saturated cache

It is possible that your Smart TV, or also called smart TV , has too many accumulated junk files. Which causes the cache to become full. Resulting in not connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

Storage errors on the router

It is also possible that the problem is not in the Smart TV. If not, let it be seen in the modem or router. That is why we recommend that you verify on other equipment, either on the phone or on the computer.

In case you do not have it either, then it means that the failure is due to an error in the storage of the router .

Incorrect password

Another reason it looks flawed. It is that there is a possibility that the wrong password is entered. Then we recommend that you delete the network and write it again with great caution and thus avoid these inconveniences. Sometimes just turning off Wi-Fi on your Smart TV and turning it back on can fix it.

Signal range inability

It happens that in reality the fault is not that the device does not connect, but that the WiFi signal does not arrive. If the router is placed in another room or there are too many obstacles, the strength is weak.

Believe it or not, appliances such as microwaves, telephones or other devices can interfere with the signal. In this case, try moving the router closer to the TV. Also, the Roku influence.

Repeater devices are used in order to increase the signal or use a Mesh router. For example. If the TV comes apart, another alternative is to try a cable connection or a PLC.

How can you reset your Smart TV to solve connection problems?

Always keep the Smart TV system updated, as it may be another reason. Now, if you have already verified that your Smart TV is improved. Then the end point has been reached, you have to factory reset it . Remember that this means losing your data.

To the people who own a Samsung brand Smart TV, they have to follow the simple procedure.

  1. Turn on your TV with the remote, go to the menu.
  2. There, you will see variables.
  3. Locate the section that has a cloud icon, select it, then click on support and then on diagnostics.
  4. Now you need to tap on restart.
  5. A window will appear asking for a PIN.
  6. With the remote, you have to add the pin which is 0000.
  7. Now you will see a warning message, tap on yes.
  8. Wait a while to turn it back on, you have to connect it to the wifi network.

And in the case of individuals who traded a Smart TV but from LG. It is very similar to the previous one.

  1. With the command, click on the house symbol.
  2. Then you have to go to the settings, which is represented by a nut icon.
  3. Go to where it says General, then click reset to your startup settings.
  4. Finally, continue with the instructions.

What should you do to restart your router and retry the connection with your Smart TV?

Rebooting the modem or router is usually one of the most common solutions that people get. A single reboot fixes things. When you finish you have to hold for about 15 or 20 seconds.

After several minutes, the instant the lights come on, connect to the Internet. If you make the quick moves, it won’t give you enough room to fully reset.

Another way to run it is through its website. To do this, put the IP in the address bar of your browser. Use your username and password, access restart or reset.


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