How to shoot in automatic mode in Pubg Mobile

Pubg Mobile is characterized by being shooter like Counter Strike Global Offensive in which critical situations are unnecessary . In these cases, it is always convenient to know how to shoot continuously. Therefore, in this article we show you how to shoot in automatic mode in Pubg Mobile in a simple way.

How to shoot in automatic mode in Pubg Mobile

To empty the magazine of your weapon on your enemy in a few seconds, just hold the trigger for a few seconds . Now, you may have noticed that some weapons do not allow you to fire continuous shots, but you must press the trigger each time you want to shoot.

This happens because it does not support automatic mode. For that reason, in the next title we show you all the rifles, submachine guns, snipers and pistols compatible with this mode.

Weapons compatible with automatic fire mode

In real life, an automatic weapon is one that is capable of firing continuously by holding down the trigger . Although it is a game, Pubg Mobile’s laws of physics also require such a weapon to deliver a continuous burst of fire. Since this game is based on first-person shooter, you must have the FPS counter activated in the game bar in case of using Windows 10.

In this sense, within the game there are several short and long range rifles that allow you to do this. Among them are:

  • M416 : With a damage of 43, this weapon is ideal for close range situations due to high rate of fire and decreased recoil. It should be noted that you can improve its effectiveness with other additives.
  • SCAR-L : Although notorious among gamers for its low rate of fire, this rifle allows you to unleash a burst of continuous shots at your opponent for 43 damage.
  • AKM – At 49 damage, this is one of the most powerful rifles. Still, it has its downsides; low firing frequency (0.1 seconds between shots) and little effectiveness at medium range. Due to its characteristics, it is ideal for close-range combat.
  • Groza : produces the same damage as the previous one, with the difference that the seconds between shots is less (0.080 s). If you’re interested, this weapon appears in the air supplies section. On the other hand, in terms of efficiency, this rifle is only surpassed by the M16A4, even though it is a semi-automatic weapon.
  • QBZ95 – This rifle shares many similarities with the SCAR-L, both its advantages and disadvantages.
  • Also included in this list are the AUG A3 , Beryl M762 , and G36C rifles .

As in Pubg Mobile in Fortnite you can find a weapons store, objects and others . It also makes available to the player several submachine guns capable of firing automatically. But before using them, keep in mind that these weapons are ideal for close-range combat , as they produce low damage and have a high rate of fire. Among these submachine guns are:

  • UMP 45
  • Tommy gun
  • Vector
  • PP-19 Bizon
  • MP5K

You also have at your disposal 2 sniper rifles and DMR with automatic mode. They are designed to stalk opponents from long range and take them out with a single shot. You can still use automatic mode, but we recommend having other weapons in your inventory. These are the MK14 EBR and the VSS Vintorez .

Finally, we tell you about the only pistol that has an automatic mode . This is the P18C . At first glance, within the weapons menu this is the pistol that produces the least damage. However, thanks to its automatic function, in the end it ends up being the one that causes the most damage per second. Next, we show you a list with its characteristics:

  • Damage: 23
  • Caliber: 9 mm
  • Shooting mode: automatic and semi-automatic.
  • Magazine size: 17 – 25 (basic and extended).
  • Bullet speed: 375 m / s
  • Cadence: 0.06 s (seconds between shots).
  • Range: 50 – 50 (effectiveness reduced, after maximum).

The advantage of using this weapon is that it is compatible with visor , muzzle and reload. In addition, it also allows you to use the automatic collection mode, making it an ideal weapon for emergency situations, where speed can define everything.

One aspect that should not be missing is that you should always try to improve the performance of the games on your computer . All this will help you avoid any inconvenience when playing. We hope this post will be useful for you to have a broader knowledge of Pubg Mobile.


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