How to send or receive messages via instagram from PC without downloading anything

There are many social networks, some with greater acceptance than others, but one of the ones that has evolved the most over time is Instagram . And now it offers much more than just looking at photo catalogs and this has attracted the attention of many followers in the world. But you will not have wondered at some point if there is a way to send or receive messages on Instagram from PC without downloading anything.

For example Windows 10 allows you to receive direct messages and view photos from your own desktop and just download the application for Windows.

And there are other emulators that you can also download and do the same. But we want to do this without having to download a program and this is why we will use the Instagram website.

We must clarify that sending or receiving messages via Instagram from PC was not possible before, but now thanks to the latest update, if possible.

We will teach you how you should do to activate this function in a very easy way, as well as make live broadcasts from the application through your PC, either Windows or Mac.

How to send or receive messages on Instagram from PC without downloading anything

We will show you in the following article, what you must do to send or receive messages on Instagram from PC without downloading anything. And this through the Google Chrome and Firefox browsers, where we will activate the mobile mode in a very easy way. Next we will show you the steps to follow.

First, we are going to go to the Mozilla Firefox browser and write the following web address, Then we are going to click on the Login option , it shows us a new window where we must write our username and password.

We will enter and we can see the home page of the application , where the publications of the people I follow are displayed.

Very simple steps to send or receive messages on Instagram from PC

I can also see the stories, but nowhere will we find the option that allows us to send a message,  to upload some content, but you can also chat from the application .

It can only be seen, but not send or receive, then we are going to do the following, we position ourselves with the cursor over a blank area and this action will generate a menu with options, from which we are going to choose Inspect element.

A type of window with several options will emerge from the bottom of the screen and we will activate the mobile version of the application from here. To do this, we will position ourselves with the cursor on the Adaptive Design View icon . This is in the upper right of the pop-up next to the three-dot icon.

We click on this icon and it automatically changes the appearance of the graphical interface and it resembles that of a mobile device.

Now we are going to go to the top of the screen and choose the Adaptable option and here we are going to select which mobile model we want to emulate the page, and finally we refresh or update the page.

With this simple step, you will have the identical interface to the one you would have on a cell phone and you can see that you already have the options to send messages or load multimedia content available. This is a perfect option when you have a business Instagram account and you can manage it more easily on your PC .

Now to do this procedure with Google Chrome, you are going to follow the same steps, only when you click on a blank place, you must choose the Inspect option. The pop-up window will appear on the right side of the screen and the Mobile Mode option is at the top left under the Toggle device toobar icon.

After you click on this icon, the interface will change and now you must update the page so that you can send a message and load content.

Remember before updating the page choose what type of mobile you want the interface to have in the Responsive option. And voila, you learned how to send or receive messages via Instagram from PC without downloading anything.


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