How to share iPhone Memoji stickers on Instagram Stories

The Apple brand memojis are one of the most representative elements of this company and which all Android devices lack. It is a luxury that only iPhone and iPad users can afford, and that they can share their memojis through Instagram and / or WhatsApp, for example. Today we will show you how you can do it.

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  1. How to share a video of a Memoji on Instagram from iPhone?
  2. What do you do to put a Memoji on an Instagram story?
  3. How to add other Emojis in photos and videos for Instagram stories?
  4. On which social networks can a Memoji be shared in a message?
    1. WhatsApp and Telegram
  5. How do you edit a previously created Memoji?

How to share a video of a Memoji on Instagram from iPhone?

Memojis are basically custom emojis of ourselves that may or may not be animated. This item is only available for users using an Android device as we have already mentioned; But this does not mean that they are limited to using it, because people can share their memojis on any social network , such as Instagram for example, either through Instagram Direct, in their feed or in Instagram Stories.

To publish it in your stories so that everyone can see how funny this animated world is, it is very easy. It goes without saying that you must have an iPhone or iPad device and that they are not very old devices, since it is only available for the iPhone X series of phones, the iPhone 11 (in all its versions) and those that follow. ; also, try to have the Instagram app updated to its latest version, to avoid inconveniences.

What do you do to put a Memoji on an Instagram story?

Having said the above, then continue reading the steps that we give you right away, this method will be valid for both iPhone and iPad, although we refer to the mobile phone:

  1. The first and foremost thing is to create your personalized memoji or if you already have it ready, you can skip this first step.
  2. Then, you will go to the messaging app of your iPhone device, here you touch the option to send a new message.
  3. At the bottom, you select your memoji (which should already be created), you also select the animoji option and finally save.
  4. After you have recorded, click on the arrow icon and this will make your memoji appear at the top; Also try to touch the memoji itself for this.
  5. You look for the share symbol on your device and it will open a window with several options, we are interested in selecting the one that says “Save video”.
  6. Finally, you go to the Instagram app and pretend you were going to share a story. Here, all you have to do is select the video you just saved and you willhave your memoji uploaded to Instagram Stories .

How to add other Emojis in photos and videos for Instagram stories?

In the event that you want to add an emoji to one of your photos or videos and then share them through Instagram stories, you will have to edit. Fortunately, iPhone devices with their own applications that bring photos and videos by default, have editing options.

In the first case, you would have to record the video or take the desired photo, but first you will have to place the desired emoji for it:

  1. Select the star symbol and then tap the “Emoji” option.
  2. You can touch the emoji you want for your video (or photo) or you can also drag it to place it in your preferred place.
  3. Also remember that by pinching or rotating your fingers, you can change its size and orientation, respectively.
  4. Then close the window that was opened to be able to insert the emoji.
  5. When you have everything ready, just touch the corresponding button to record the video or take the photo.

To upload your personalized multimedia file to Instagram Stories , you will do the same as you always do, but obviously you select the photo or video that you have recently created.

In the second case, you already have your content created and saved in your gallery, so you just have to select and edit it; finally, it remains to upload it to the Instagram stories.

On which social networks can a Memoji be shared in a message?

Memojis can not only be shared through Instagram Stories, but memojis can be sent by message , this is equivalent to any messaging application that our iPhone cell phone has. Among the most important and prominent where we can share stickers is WhatsApp and Telegram.

WhatsApp and Telegram

The steps that we will give you here will be valid for these messaging applications , which are the most common, but already flat, it also works for any other you have, since the process is the same:

  1. Within the messaging application of choice, choose the chat of the person to whom you want to send the memoji.
  2. On your phone’s keyboard, open the emoji option and then scroll to the bottomof the entire list to locate your created memojis.
  3. When you locate them, select the one you want to send and that’s it. If by chance a specific one does not appear, press the button with the three dots to see the other options.

Keep in mind that for this you must have already created the memoji so that it appears in your chat bank.

How do you edit a previously created Memoji?

If you happen to want to edit a memoji that you already have created , the process will be very easy and you will not have complications, to do this, follow these steps:

  1. When you are in the chat and you have the emoji window open and you are in the memojis section, select the three points that appear.
  2. There will now appear several options and we choose the so-called “Edit”, from this section, we can edit our memoji without problems.
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