How to set a timer on Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels are very popular within the social platform , and this application allows you to design your small videos with a variety of effects, audio and speed, thanks to the editing tools available for this purpose. These videos can then be shared with your Instagram followers.

But besides that, one of the most used effects of the moment is the countdown, when adding the timer to your Reels to record the short . If you want to know how this tool works and how to set a timer on Instagram Reels. Do not stray from reading this article.

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  1. What should you know before setting a timer on Instagram Reels?
    1. You can only find it by making a story
  2. What is the way to put a timer on Instagram Reels?
    1. On an iOS device
    2. In case of having an Android
    3. From a PC

What should you know before setting a timer on Instagram Reels?

Within the Instagram application . There are many ways to take advantage of the camera when designing a video, you can not only create your selfies and photos, but also add a timer to the reels, which has become an excellent option to record the videos that are will share on Instagram. However, there is an important aspect that you should know before using this tool.

You can only find it by making a story

Using the timer is very easy, since putting this countdown to your videos will allow you to mount and record the scenes of your clip, by setting a time limit for the duration of the video. But you should know that the only way to use this Reel editing tool, like the timer, is to make a story. So first you must create a story and after adding the effects you want, you can proceed to set the timer .

What is the way to put a timer on Instagram Reels?

The timer is a tool that helps you record your video in a creative and fun way, adjusting to a set time. If you have an Android device, iPhone or a computer , read on so that you know how to set the countdown to make your Instagram Reels .

On an iOS device

You enter the Instagram application and click on the camera icon located in the upper left corner. And then at the bottom you must choose the Reels option. There you will have the opportunity to insert effects you want such as speed, music and filter. Once these effects have been applied, you proceed to set a timer , by clicking on the timer, which is the clock icon.

You choose the duration of the video with the timer and click on Set timer in the blue bar. Subsequently, you must touch the central button to activate the timer . The video will be recorded according to the configured seconds and the countdown will start. You can add more portion to the video as well as more effects, and at the end click on the white arrow. And finally, you choose where to share your video in the stories or on the reels.

In case of having an Android

This built-in Instagram tool will prepare you when shooting your video that you will share on your Reels. To apply this tool on an Android device, the steps are similar to the procedure done with an iPhone . If you don’t have the App, you can download Instagram from the Play Store

You enter the Instagram application, on the main screen you find the Camera icon, if this icon does not appear, click on the three points and there you will see it, click on Reels, apply the effects you want that are in the toolbar at the bottom and then click on the clock to set the timer , marking the time and finish.

From a PC

In the case of having a PC, you should know that at the moment you can only see the Instagram stories , but you will not be able to create a story or the Reels, much less add the effects you want, and apply the tool we are talking about how to set the timer. Unless you have an external tool to edit videos that allows you to upload to the reels. We can only hope that soon Instagram, among its innovations, will introduce the ability to edit Reels from a PC.

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