How to share Excel Insights with Power BI Publisher

Power BI is a cloud-based service that allows users to access and share their Microsoft Excel reports anywhere, on any device.The service works in tandem with Excel to provide a complete self-service analytic solution. This way, everyone can benefit from using Power BI files for Excel. The Excel and Power BI teams have been busy introducing new capabilities and tools that make it faster and easier for users to share their Excel data and knowledge with Power BI Publisher for Excel .

Below are some of the best ways Excel and Power BI can provide better collaboration.


  1. Share your Excel knowledge with Power BI Publisher
  • Pin Excel items to the Power BI toolbar
  • Publish to Power BI from Excel 2016

Share your Excel knowledge with Power BI Publisher

If you want to quickly save snapshots of important pivot tables, charts, cell ranges, and other tables from all of your spreadsheets in one place, Power BI Publisher for Excel offers that capability. Just select a range or item in your workbook, and in the Power BI tab, click Attach. See screenshot below.

Then select an existing dashboard from the list or, if necessary, create a new one.

To do this, click the “Pin” button and you’re done!

One thing to mention here is that Power BI Publisher for Excel also allows you to update pinned items using Contact Manager. However, to get started, you need to download Power BI Publisher for Excel. Download it from here.

Pin Excel items to the Power BI toolbar

Load your Excel reports into Power BI and select a range, table or chart.

Then just click the Pin button and your Excel tile will become part of your toolbar.

In addition to pinning Excel reports in Power BI, you can also pin content to your dashboards and view spreadsheets by clicking on the appropriate tile.

Publish to Power BI from Excel 2016

Publishing your workbook content to Power BI directly from Excel 2016 is very easy. After your book is published, you can continue to work on it in OneDrive for Business. The good thing is that Power BI automatically refreshes when the workbook is refreshed. To publish your Excel workbook to Power BI, simply choose File> Publish.

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