How to cancel an appointment in Outlook

In an office environment, we often have to send out meeting requests to our colleagues for a variety of reasons.This can be a one-time meeting or a series of meetings. However, sometimes we may need to cancel these appointments for some reason that is inevitable. As the organizer of the meeting, we must inform all invitees that the meeting is canceled. Let’s see how we can cancel a meeting in Outlook 2103 Calendar .


  1. Cancel appointment in Outlook
  • Steps to cancel a one-time appointment
  • Steps to cancel a recurring appointment
  • Steps to Cancel a Recurring Appointment Instance

Cancel appointment in Outlook

Before we move on and understand how to cancel a meeting in Outlook, let’s first understand how Outlook works. Outlook Calendar is an interesting and extremely useful application. With the Outlook calendar, you can easily send meeting requests. At the same time, the invitation request can also be easily canceled. Moreover, it is very easy to schedule multiple appointments with Outlook. The organizer has full rights to send meeting requests to different people and also to cancel a meeting. The meeting can be one-time, recurring, or one or more instances of a recurring meeting. Here are the simple steps to follow for any type of appointment cancellation.

Steps to cancel a one-time appointment

  1. Open Outlook. Go to the Calendar tab. In Calendar, click the meeting without opening it.
  2. On the Appointment tab, click Cancel Appointment in Outlook in the Actions group.
  3. Enter the text message you want to attach with the cancellation notice.
  4. Then finally click the “Submit Cancellation” button.

Note. The Cancel Meeting option on the Action menu is only available to the organizer. For those who are not available for viewing, the option cannot cancel and delete the appointment.

Steps to cancel a recurring appointment

  1. Open Outlook. Once opened, click on the Calendar tab. Click Open Series in the Open Duplicate Item dialog box, and then click OK.
  2. Click Recurrence on the toolbar.
  3. Click End By which is mentioned under Range of Recurrence. After clicking End, select the date on which you want to end the meeting and click OK.
  4. Click Submit Update.

Note. If you cannot view recurrences in the standard toolbar, you cannot cancel the meeting because you are not the meeting organizer.

Steps to Cancel a Recurring Appointment Instance

  1. Open Outlook and open an instance of a recurring meeting.
  2. Click Open This Entry under Open Duplicate Item and click OK.
  3. Click Cancel Appointment in Outlook presented in the action menu.
  4. In the delete confirmation dialog box, click Delete this entry.

Note. If you do not see “Cancel Appointment” in Outlook in the Actions menu, then you are not the organizer and do not have the right to cancel the meeting.

Remember one thing: whenever you cancel or delete any meeting as the organizer, it is always advisable to notify every person who received the invitation earlier. There is no hard and fast rule of informing every person involved, but it still falls under good etiquette.

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