How to set Waze as the default browser on iPhone

Waze, according to listings in some download stores such as the Google play store or the Apple store, is one of the most used applications by all users in the world, here you can find maps where it will be easier for you to locate places avoiding traffic.

You can use this search application as the default browser on your iPhone device to be able to enter faster, saving you time.

If you have an iPhone device and you don’t know how to use it easily and quickly, you just have to read this article, here we will explain in detail how easy it is to set waze as the default browser on your iPhone.

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  1. How to set Waze as the default browser on an iPhone?
    1. Using the Google app
    2. Inside the Waze app
  2. What to do to use Siri in your default Waze browser?
  3. Why doesn’t Waze appear as the default browser after setup?

How to set Waze as the default browser on an iPhone?

Apple maps is an application that by default is integrated as a specific browser of your iPhone, but you can change this for another map search alternative such as the smart application of waze, with it you can configure it and do that just by asking it to Siri you know the location.

Using the Google app

You can place your Waze application as the default browser in the Google app, to do so you just have to have it registered with a Gmail account and start doing this procedure:

  1. Enter the Google application, all phones must have it, but if this is the case with yours, you should not only download it with your browser.
  2. After being in this press on the main menu that says More, for this you must press on the three points horizontally that are located on your screen.
  3. Now you must click on the settings option.
  4. Settings will open new tabs in which you must click on the General option.
  5. At the bottom of this new screen you can find a series, in these click on the default option.
  6. After this you will see a list of applications that you have on your device.
  7. Click on the app you want to set as default, in this case it would be Waze.
  8. If you do not place this Waze application by default on your iOS system, Google maps or Apple Maps will be selected when using a search in your app.
  9. If you want to select a time that you are going to do the search, you just have to press the option Ask me which application to use each time. This way searching for something before this will ask you which browser to use, it’s a no time saver so you better specify what you want to be your default browser for maps.

It is important that you know that some applications will still use the default Google iOS application, so if you think that it is a bug in the Waze application, the answer is no, this cannot be avoided, since they are functions that come with your phone . .

Inside the Waze app

The Waze application is an app with the function of making its users not have to go through huge traffic when traveling. Having downloaded you can enter and make various configurations on your device.

However, despite the fact that it is a very advanced traffic platform, it does not have the option to place it as the default application of your device from the settings of the same platform, you must do it only through the Google application, so to use it , you must have this platform.

With the Google application you can easily implement it by asking the Google assistant called Siri for a favor, so you can be driving in your car and know where you are going without using your hands, thus avoiding a car accident . Trying to do it is very simple and safe.

What to do to use Siri in your default Waze browser?

The default assistant Siri will help you get things done easily and quickly, you can set it as the default Wazee browser In this way, when you tell her that I looked for a location for you in Waze, she will be the one to answer you in a kind and patient way what you need, this will be what you have to do to make Siri your default Waze browser:

  1. Go to the applications menu of your phone.
  2. Look for Waze and press on it in order to enter.
  3. Now you must press the settings menu in the upper left.
  4. In these you can find various configurations that you can make to your application, you must press on the option that says Voice and sound, if you do not find this you must update the application.
  5. Now you have to press on the Siri settings, for this click on Siri Shortcuts.
  6. Observe the options that you have available to do, if you want to modify something you can do it.
  7. Now press on the option that says Add Siri, here you will be adding the assistant to your Waze application.
  8. To finish, exit the application and tell Siri a question so that she generates the answer, this is the way you can do it: Siri tell me where the rainy square is. This will look for the complete address and how to get there avoiding traffic, you must be clear in the address so that she does not get confused.

Why doesn’t Waze appear as the default browser after setup?

The default browser sometimes cannot appear, but this can happen due to an application problem , if this happens to you, you can solve it in the following way:

  • Restart your device:After making any changes to your phone with the Waze application, you must restart your device so that the settings are completed favorably with your phone, therefore, if you have not reigned your device, Waze may not appear as your browser.
  • Delete and reinstall the application: If you have an error with your application, the best way to solve it is to have the data again from 0, or you will achieve this by deleting it and downloading it again.


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