How to set Google Chrome as default browser

The debate on whether Google Chrome is the best browser is still open, but what is not in dispute is that it is the most used browser on the planet . This browser allows you to use all Google services smoothly.

However, it is not the browser that we have by default on our computers or mobile phones when we use them. Changing that is pretty quick and will allow us to get the most out of our Google account . You must have previously downloaded Google Chrome on the device you will use.

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  1. Why do new PCs come with Microsoft Edge as the default browser?
  2. How to change the default browser on any device?
    1. with an iPhone
    2. on Android
    3. From Windows 10
    4. with your MacBook
  3. How do you change the search engine you have in your browser to Google?
    1. with your android
    2. on Windows 7
    3. With a Mac PC
    4. Windows 8 and 10

Why do new PCs come with Microsoft Edge as the default browser?

There are not a few who want to take the throne of Google as the king of search engines, and Microsoft has a great advantage over all other browsers that crave the crown of Google.

If Google is the king of search engines, then Microsoft with Windows is the king of operating systems and Microsoft Edge is the giant’s proposal to stand up to Google. And that is the reason why your Windows computer has the Edge browser as the default browser, something logical, don’t you think?

How to change the default browser on any device?

Default browsers can be changed from any system. To do so, we must go to the configuration section of each device and choose Google Chrome as the default browser. This process is slightly different on each system:

with an iPhone

Open Settings on your iPhone device and look for the browser section, we touch the App option of the default browser and in the list of browsers that we will see on the screen we will select Google Chrome. Now all links to web pages will open from Google Chrome, the first time it will ask us to check if we want to open the link with Google Chrome, but after confirming this message will not appear again.

on Android

We must go to Settings> Applications and touch the 3 points and choose default applications. We will look for the Browser App option and choose Google Chrome . From there, Google Chrome will be our default browser on our Android mobile.

From Windows 10

After downloading Google Chrome on your computer and installing it, you must press the Start button and type in the search bar “Default applications”, select said option from the search results and in Web browser select Google Chrome .

with your MacBook

Open Chrome on your Mac, click the Plus icon and go to Settings. Once in settings go to the default browser section and choose the option to set Google Chrome as the default browser . If the option is not available, it is because Google Chrome is already your default browser.

How do you change the search engine you have in your browser to Google?

If you do not want to set Google Chrome as your default browser but use another browser but use Google to perform your searches , the procedure on each device is as follows:

with your android

Download if you don’t have it on your device and open the Chrome app on your Android device and choose the More icon (the 3 dots) at the top of Settings > Basic Settings and tap Search > Google .

on Windows 7

Open the Google Chrome browser from your computer, go to the configuration section either through the menu or by going to the address chrome://settings from the search bar : from this menu we can also make other modifications such as removing our extensions from Chrome . To make the change, in “Search Engine” we will select Google and we will have finished.

With a Mac PC

On all Apple devices you will find the Safari browser as the default browser. To change the search engine, open the Safari browser and click on the search bar and on the magnifying glass and select Google.

Windows 8 and 10

In all versions of Google Chrome in Windows, the procedure to select the Google search engine is the same, therefore the same steps for Windows 7 apply in more recent versions such as Windows 8 or Windows 10.

These are all the options to use Google in your searches from any device. You can also import or export your Google Chrome bookmarks at any time, so migrating your browser won’t bring you any inconveniences.


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