How to set the time on a T500 Smartwatch

Like a normal watch, smartwatches bring the function to see the time just by turning them on or making a movement with the wrist. But many people do not know how to change it when they first buy it, since a factory default time is set and it can even be difficult for them to synchronize the device with a mobile phone .

However, this is not difficult as it seems, it can be as simple even a bit more than pairing the smartwatch with the mobile; For this reason, here we will show you how you can make this modification on the T500 and T500 plus smartwatches very easily.

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  1. Change the date of your smart watch from ‘Settings’
  2. How to change the time format of your T500 Smartwatch
  3. What to do if the time and date are wrong?
    1. Update the phone time
    2. Set the time zone manually on the watch
    3. Check if the phone is paired with the watch

Change the date of your smart watch from ‘Settings’

First, we will show you how you can do it by just going to the digital clock settings , for this you must follow the following step-by-step instructions:

  1. Turn on the smartwatch screen
  2. go to the main menu and slide the screen down a little
  3. You will see an icon with 4 divisions on the panel
  4. You must press there and it will direct you to the settings
  5. Once inside, click on ‘set time’
  6. There you adjust the time according to the appropriate time zone where you are
  7. Lastly, press on the green chulito and voila, the changes will be saved

How to change the time format of your T500 Smartwatch

Now when you buy the T500 Smartwatch this is already a set time and time format preset equally. So so that you can change it we will teach you to do it easily.

The first thing you should do is turn on your phone and go to the settings, look for the applications and go to the one you have downloaded with the link to the smartwatch. Once there you can look for the settings and give it where it says ‘date and time’ there you will see each of these.

So you must click on the time and go to the format; once here you only select if you prefer military time (24 hours) or standard (12 hours) , you leave and voila, it will be saved and done on the clock at once.

What to do if the time and date are wrong?

Some smartwatch users have had the inconvenience that the date and time do not match at the current time and many do not really know what to do to solve it. For this undesirable situation we will make some recommendations that may possibly solve the problem efficiently.

Update the phone time

It may be a problem on your mobile, so check that the time is correct or update it simply by going to the settings, looking for the time and pretending to change it, but leave it as it is and just press on to accept. If you can’t, you can format or restart the smartwatch .

Set the time zone manually on the watch

In this case, you can easily solve it. First turn on the watch and open the main menu on the screen; You slide to the part where the settings or configurations are, select this option and scroll down the menu that appears until you find ‘date and time’ .

Once you are at this point, you can see if ‘time zone’ appears automatically; you must deactivate it and you will get more options, so here you need to click on ‘select time zone’ ; finally, in this drop-down menu you search and click on the time zone that applies to your country or region.

Check if the phone is paired with the watch

You must verify if the mobile, whether Android or iPhone, is connected or not with the clock; This is accomplished by looking at the watch to see if a cloud with a diagonal line appears at the top of the screen; If this symbol appears, it means that there is no connection with any cell phone, so you must do it with the following steps:

  • Open the application you have on your mobile to connect it with the smartwatch
  • There you must click on link so you can add the clock
  • You select it and wait a reasonable time and it will be ready


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