How to change the dials on Smartwatch T500

Today there are several options to customize our T500 Smartwatch devices in its entirety, we can find a large number of straps of different colors and designs to be able to make your smart watch can combine with the outfit you are wearing.

However, very few people who use the T500 Smartwatch know that it is also possible to download more dials or watchfaces to be able to customize the image of the watch, and that they do not have to settle only for the dials that the system offers by default. In this article we will show you the way so that you can change the sphere of your T500 Smartwatch .

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  1. How to add or remove spheres to the configuration of the Smartwatch T500
  2. Change the background of your T500 Smartwatch from the dial settings
  3. What screens or spheres does the T500 Smartwatch include?
    1. Analog clock
    2. Mickey sphere
    3. Minnie Sphere
    4. Analog clock with health data
    5. Digital clock
    6. jellyfish
  4. How are the spheres configured from an iPhone?
  5. How can you personalize the face of your smartwatch other than with the dials?

How to add or remove spheres to the configuration of the Smartwatch T500

The Smartwatch T500 offer all users the option to download new areas and watchfaces, to avoid having to use the same offered by the device, for it can use a page where a lot of areas are raised for all types of device, and be it smartband or smartwatch smartwatch, to access these spheres enter Amazfitwatchfaces .

In addition, you can also apply a sphere or watchface with animation, although normally this kind of spheres consume a little more the battery of your T500 Smartwatch.

To be able to add spheres from this page you will only have to download the watchface or sphere you want and move it to the folder where the application files of your T500 Smartwatch are saved.

After that, enter the application of your watch, and access the section where the spheres are located, the sphere that you just downloaded must be in this folder, so you will have to press on it and click on the option to apply it now turn to appear in the background on your smartwatch.

Change the background of your T500 Smartwatch from the dial settings

You will also be able to change the wallpaper, or sphere of your Smartwatch T500 device through the application on the mobile phone. To do this you will have to open the Hiwatch application and then access the settings section and choose the dialing configuration option.

In this section we are going to find all the spheres or watchfaces that are available for our T500 smartwatch, in order to change it you will have to choose the one you want, and press the apply button so that it can appear on the clock screen.

What screens or spheres does the T500 Smartwatch include?

By default, all Smartwatch T500 devices have a variety of fun watch faces or watchfaces that you can use and apply to make you feel more comfortable, then we will explain each of the watch faces found in the repertoire of T500 Smartwatch watches.

Analog clock

For users who prefer something simpler and easier, there is the analog clock face, where you will simply find the image of a clock with animated hands to tell the time. Normally this dial is used by very busy people who use their smartwach as a simple watch.

Mickey sphere

One of the most striking spheres since the launch of smartwatches is the sphere or watchface of Mickey Mouse, the iconic Disney character, this fun character will do the task of a watch, and through his hands he will point out the time of the same way the clock hands do.

Minnie Sphere

In case you are a woman, no problem, since there is also a sphere adapted for women, where instead of being the Disney mouse, his wife, Minnie , will appear , who is also an emblematic character of the Disney company .

Analog clock with health data

We will also be able to use an analog watch face where it will not only tell the time, but it will also show you the most relevant data regarding your health , such as the last result of the heart rate and the count of steps you take during the exercise. day.

Digital clock

Clearly, the dial or watchface of the digital watch could not be missing, developed for those people who still have complications to read the time on an analog watch , or have vision problems and cannot see the numbers, if this is your case, the dial digital clock is one of the most appropriate for you.


And finally we will find an animated background of a jellyfish, to give a little life to your T500 Smartwatch the moment you decide to turn it on to see the time, this sphere will show a jellyfish on the screen and in turn will provide time data, and the date of the given day.

How are the spheres configured from an iPhone?

In case you have an iOS iPhone device, there is no problem, since the method to change the sphere or watchface on your T500 Smartwatch is not that different from the case of devices with Android operating system.

In order to change the background of your T500 smartwatch you will have to open the Hiwatch application on your iPhone, after that, enter the section where the available spheres are found to be able to apply, these spheres can be modified , that is, you can customize some colors or even the position where the time will be.

How can you personalize the face of your smartwatch other than with the dials?

The spheres in the T500 Smartwatch are practically the only customizable option of these devices, however, not satisfied with the spheres or watchfaces offered by the device, you should know that you can find one that is to your liking, either through the application of the watch, or through the Amazfitwatchfaces page.

On T500 Smartwatch devices you can even apply even images that you have in your gallery or that you have taken using the same Smartwatch device.

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