How To Configure Your T500 Smartwatch

Technological advances have brought us various devices that make it easier for us to carry out various tasks, since the arrival of smart mobile phones a large number of accessories have been developed , a great example of this is Smartwatch.

One of the first and most striking is the Apple Watch smartwatch, of which cheaper identical models would later be created, such as the T500 Smartwatch.

The T500 Smartwatch watch has similar characteristics to the Apple Watch , and a variety of useful functions for performing various tasks, among its most notable functions are the step counter, heart rate check, receive notifications from applications and messaging, sending and answering calls , and controlling music.

And in addition to this, it also has a wide variety of options that can be fully customizable, from changing dials and watchfaces to the possibility of downloading external apps and games. In this article we will teach you how to fully configure your T500 Smartwatch, so that you can access all these functions.

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  1. What customizable features does the T500 smartwatch have?
  2. How to put apps to your T500 Smartwatch from the Play Store?
  3. Install FitPro and control 100% of your Smartwatch from your device
  4. Pair your device with your T500 Smartwatch step by step

What customizable features does the T500 smartwatch have?

One of the factors that most attracts the attention of the T500 Smartwatch devices is that they offer extensive device customization for users.

Starting with some external physical components such as the strap , like the Apple Watch. With the T500 Smartwatch you can modify and replace the strap, choosing from a wide variety of models and colors.

Another customizable option that the T500 Smartwatch have are the spheres or watchfaces, of which the device will have by default in its system, several options to choose from, and in case you do not want to use any of the spheres offered by the device , you can choose to download the one you want on the internet from the official page of Amazfitwatchfaces  .

How to put apps to your T500 Smartwatch from the Play Store?

Among the functions offered by the T500 Smartwatch devices is to download external applications through the official Google Play Store , for this you will have to have your Smartwatch updated to its latest version , and access the apps menu.

In the apps menu you will find the Google Play Store application, press on it to enter the store and start searching for applications. When you find the application you want to download, press on it and then on the download button , once the download process is finished you will be able to find the application in the menu of the Smartwatch T500.

Install FitPro and control 100% of your Smartwatch from your device

FitPro is an application of Chinese origin developed by the company ‘ Shenzhen Jusheng Intelligent Technology Co’ that can be used by any Smartwatch device or smart band through a Bluetooth connection, with this application you can have a broader control over your Smartwatch t500 .

With FitPro you will be able to have more options so that you can evaluate your lifestyle, as it will provide you with more information about your health and other sports data. You will be able to know about the state of your heart rate, your blood pressure, and also at sleep you will be able to obtain information about your quality of sleep.

In order to connect and start using the FitPro application on your phone and your Smartwatch, the first thing you should do is download it through the official Google Play Store, which you can also purchase for free.

Once you have installed the app on your device, log in or register with a new account to access all the functions that the application offers, after that, enter the link section.

You will have to have bluetooth activated on both devices so that they can synchronize. When the watch device appears in the bluetooth search, press on it and they will be linked and ready for you to use.

Pair your device with your T500 Smartwatch step by step

Before you can use any function of your T500 Smartwatch device, you have to link it with your smart mobile phone through a bluetooth connection, for this you can follow the steps that we will show you below:

  • The first thing you should do is download the application of the Smartwatch T500 watch, in order to determine which is the application, enter the watch menu and look for the pairing app option.
  • Pressing on it will open a window showing a QR codethat you must scan with your phone.
  • After scanning the QR code with your mobile phone, it will redirect you to a download linkin the application’s Google Play Store.
  • Download the application, and once you have it installed on your phone you will have to open it and log in or register to be able to access.
  • After having done this, go to the add device section, so you can link your bracelet, activate Bluetooth and start the process of searching for devices. When the icon and device name of the T500 Smartwatch appear, press on it.
  • And ready! you will have linked your watch with your mobile device so that you can start receiving notifications, and use the functions of your watch. In case the pairing does not work, you can restart the device by holding down the side button, and repeating the pairing process through Bluetooth.
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